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Room Number: 3804Room Type:Swim up, first floor.Arrival:We got there safely, flight was a few minutes late.Greeted with a glass of champagne……We had issues booking with Itravel2000 and their price drop "guarantee"…..took a hit for over $1K…..at reception we presented a letter from Itravel hoping for any kind of upgrade to soften the financial blow…..nothing! Not even discounted WIFI (Which they give away if you sit through the time share). As return Karisma customers it was not how we wanted to start our 10 day vacation…..oh well, we moved on.Rooms:Stayed in the 3800 block, they were renovating the 3900 and 4000, had a jacuzzi swim up suite and it was a little tired and dated….we could have been happier. The water pressure was very low. Housekeeping service was great, minibar restocked daily and the best part was having a pool right outside the back door. The winding pool leading to the swim up bar was right outside the back door, nice and quiet in our block as well. All in all we would have been better served staying in one of the updated rooms but it was still a decent room. Restaurants and Bars:The Pub, Mexican, Caribbean and Italian restaurants were all great, probably the best overall food experience we have enjoyed down south. Lots of choices and no travelers tummy issues.The beach buffet was okay but only open weather permitting. All the restaurant staff were amazing, always ready to help. Lots of bars throughout, all top shelf liquor, only local beer.Beach/Pools/Grounds:Our pool swim up was awesome, over all the pools were well kept and clean, lots of little area`s to hide away in on the expansive grounds as well. The beach was protected by walls and sand bags to stop erosion, white sand and blue water if you head down the beach to the south, worth the trek. The grounds were truly beautiful, the staff never stopped working.Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:Had a quiet 10 days, spent an afternoon in Chicken Ha and Akumal bay, snorkeling/ swimming with the stingrays and turtles and in underground caves, worth the $.Other Comments:Having had an amazing time at the Azul Sensatori 18 months ago this El Dorado was just a slight let down…….we will probably not be booking with Karisma Hotels again, still have a bad taste due to their customer service.We have been to the Mayan coast 4 times so it’s time to see some other sunshine spots anyways!CheersPatrick Resort Pics on Flikr.



Really nice pictures. It’s always good to go on vacation somewhere. I’ve been to the Riviera Maya twice and enjoyed the times, but the arrivals and departures of many flights at the same times at the Cancun Airport have been absolute nightmares with the traffic of people all at once. Very disorganized. I think they need a bigger airport. Beautiful country nonetheless.

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