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This will be the best getaway spot for you, it was for me and I am glad I was able to share it with my lovely wife who loved the place as well. First of all, we loved the location because it was close to town. The fact that the place is close to town means that everything is walk able so we didn’t find it hard to stroll into town or buy some things or just visit important places. Even though the hotel is close to town, you can hardly hear all the hustle and bustle going on in town from the hotel so it was a bad combo for me and we loved it. I and my wife stayed for just four days and within that four days, we concluded that we will be coming back here for our next family vacation because we loved everything about the place. It is somewhat an all inclusive place because breakfast was included in the price that was charged to the clients. The breakfast was nice, pretty basic but mostly fresh foods were served and to us, that was as healthy as it could come. The rooms in the loft were great although the prices were a little higher than normal rooms but it was worth it. Everything was complete, there was constant power supply, there was bathroom that looked great and everything was great. There is a beach not so far from the hotel, we visited it and loved it.

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