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5.0 based on 1 reviews
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3.0 based on 1 reviews
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Stayed 4 nights, clean, english speaking desk clerks. Very nice for the money. Had an apartment type room with full fridge and all. Had cold air, hot water and a balcony and cable tv. Will stay again.

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This is more like condo outlets, it is great for short stay in my opinion, I had in mind to stay for my whole vacation it turned out it won’t work that way and may not be financially advisable but I enjoyed the place. Thing is that the place is somehow basic because you can enjoy you stay here without needing a car. The place is made up of about two bedrooms with other important places and the place is well furnished which deserves the amount the price is charged at. The 18 apartment condo is located in a nice part of town, a very quiet area located in the centre of town as well as very close to the beautiful Sosua beach. The hotel management is one of the best in town, the manager will make you want to come back over and over again well as for me, I am definitely going to come back again. I loved the fact that Sosua beach is just about 10 minutes walking from the hotel. You will even find that a disco, a gym as well a casino are all close by the hotel. There are restaurants and bars all close by to the hotel which makes the location the most attractive quality of the condo. Security in this area is quite strong; I didn’t feel any form of fear. It is a nice place to go to and relax, where you can go to with a loved one and love up.

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