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For those interested, pics of our last trip are up.

Go to my site www.theponder.ca

Click on "Pictures", "Trips" and you’ll find approx 800+ pics under El Salvador.If you have problems just send me a pmHope you enjoy!


Marc, excellent pics (as always!)

My faves: the little girl in the Izalco pic 09_0731, is beautiful :). Also love the Izalco 09_0753 shot…wow!

So when are we meeting for beers? Patio weather is almost upon us!

Kisses to Anna

Oh, and I also meant to ask for some details on the Izalco excursion – looks interesting and I’d love to hear more about it, por favor!

Hi there….. nice and warm weather will be here soon… Izalco is an active volcano….You leave around 8AM and come back around 4PM. Full day excursion….. all guides are excellent.You leave the resort and head towards the volcano…. we were booked for a french excursion for the Sat., but got a note under our door saying that Sat. was full, would we mind going on Friday with a smaller english speaking group… of course we accepted…Smaller indeed, the group consisted of a familly of 4, parents in their 40’s and their 2 boys around 16-17 yrs old. So, a total of 6, counting Anna and I. We were almost outnumbered by all the people escorting us…. 2 Tourism Police, resort guide and the local guide.The bus drops you off at the top of an old inactive volcano, the Cerro Verde. From a lookout, you can see the Izalco and the treck you’re about to do….. and what a treck it is!!! ;D You go from the top of the Cerro Verde to the base of the Izalco via 1500 steps in the forest. Although very beautiful, not one step is the same as the other, dept, hight, width.At the base of the Izalco, you now start your climb, approx. 6000 feet (1950 metres). Uneven steep terrain, rolling unstable rocks, narrow paths is what awaits you. Average climbing time is 2.5 hours (our group beat it by 45 min.). At the top, eye level with the clouds, you have an amazing view of the whole region.Did I forget to mention that you walk around boulders where vapors and heat are still emanating….You then walk around the crater with the possibility of many photo ops…Then you start your descent by the exact same route….. the killer is that after everything you just did, in order to get to the bus to get back to the resort, you now have to climb those 1500 uneven steps. ;D ;D ;DThis excursion is not for everyone… would we do it again? probably not….. are we glad we did? Definately!!!

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