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hi we are looking for any advise on flying with an 18 month old , any advise is greatly appreciated , we are very excited about our vacation and are doing as much planning and gathering of ideas for traveling with an infant as possible ;D ;D thanks


I guess it depends on the 18 month old but we had no problems. We sat near the back and the flight attendants were really good about letting her walk around – just a little bit – across the rows (her parents were on one side of the aisle, we were on the other).The TV screens on the back of the seats were a wonderful help and distraction.We brought a small magnetic board and some magnetic letters and numbers, new small toys were brought out one by one – she liked the noisy-type toys (but not too noisy), although being in the back of the plane, the engine noise drowned out a lot of "people" noise.Bring snacks and juice.All in all, it wasn’t all that bad of an experience, both coming and going – our flight was from Vancouver to Cancun – so it was a pretty long flight.

Oh, and she did sleep through a lot of the flight, too.

We will be taking our daughter from Canada to cuba at just past 18 months this winter. We have taken her previously and took our son on many flights to Cuba and Hawaii around that age. It is a tough age to travel with them. If you have an early morning flight or a late flight you may want to consider a nursing pillow for the plane. Not for nursing but for them to sleep across your lap. Also something for their ears especially if they have never flown (a bottle or sippy cup is best, possibly a few little snacks). Let them be excited in the airport prior to flying and run them out of energy.On the flight books work very well. We have also had success with ipods (or similar) with kids music on them. If you are flying a charter south you will have very little opportunity to walk them around but take advantage of it when you get it.If you have any other questions please PM me.

we have travelled with our son since he was 14 months. It really depends on the type of child you have. Mine is very active and it had it a lot harder. We brought many things on-board with us for him… coloring books, books, DVD player, a few cars and trucks and snacks. We still haven’t ventured out of taking him to Mexico yet b/c it’s our shortest direct flight our of wpg. I still won’t take him on a flight over 5hrs and he just turned 4. maybe in another year or two….

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