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Sorry to be "this forum user", but can anyone tell me if I’ll need a permit to bring an e-reader with me in January? I checked out that site that all of the senior members post links to, but I don’t really know where an e-reader fits in. (Okay, so I don’t have an e-reader yet…. I plan on getting one for Christmans!;) The one I have my eye on doesn’t have internet access or anything – it’s just a bare bones reader, but they do advertise it as having wi-fi. I suffer from a technology knowledge deficiency, so I really can’t tell what they’d class this as! Anyone????

martian Guest
I was planning on asking for an e-reader for Christmas to take to Cuba with me. I was looking at the Kindle but, after browsing book selections, was disappointed. I’m now seriously reconsidering and just going with the paperbacks. I noticed that the downloads aren’t much cheaper than buying a book. At least with a book, I can pass it on after reading. I’m going to have to do some serious thinking about this decision
I used an ereader on my trip just this past few weeks…. was great to be able to carry so many books on it without the weight or room they take. They work wonderful outside as well…. no problem seeing even on the beach!As far as the downloads..have you checked whats available thru your library for free?? Also with a bit of looking there are alot of sites for downloading ebooks free.I originally looked at the kindle as well then found out it wasn’t as compatable with my library and decided on going with the sony.I noticed there were quite a few of us with the readers this time.. I hadn’t noticed it before, so it is becoming popular.No issues with bringing it as well as I brought my cell, netbook ect no one gave a look at all at immigration, I am sure they have seen them many times and are of no concern.

Hope this helps

Just loaded the Adobe Digital Editions reader to have a look at the offerings and readability.
Not bad and plenty of free classics worth re-reading. Thanks to Debbie’s members, I’m probably going to pick up a KOBO reader from Chapters.

jinnl Guest This is what I love about this forum, because book reading is a big part of my vacation!I find it hard to see some books in lobby dim lighting, and I usually read a bit just after supper and before joining others for the evening. I went through the same motions as you did Steffiej with the Kindle re titles, passing books on. But Spunky, you sold me on the Kobo, and that will give me lots of reading pleasure, and more room for the meds ands shoes I bring for others. And knowing it won’t be an issue to bring one to Cuba is the cherry. My Christmas gift to me!!

Thanks for the posting sailorgirl23!

Karen and I each have Kobo, mine is the newer wireless version… Kobo almost always has 20 to 30 % discounts on their so I usually can pick up books for about $8-$10… as is said above you can borrow books from the library.With the newer version you can subscribe to certain Magazines and Newspapers.We are taking ours to Panama with us next week,
just to mention, that i also bought a cover that it fits inside and zips up, has a clear face so u can read thru it… never have to take it out of it. I was so glad I did as i have no idea how u would keep the sand out of it?? Was made by M-Edge I believe. Enjoy the reading!!
When I go to Cuba I bring 5-6 books.. When I leave they all stay there.. Many of my friends and "Frens" want the books.. some to read them and then sell them others to just sell then to people who want to read them…There is no way I can give them all a Kobo.. Plus a book fits just right into a back pocket .. So I can take it out and read when ever I have to wait for something..One book equals many happy people.. One Kobo equal one happy person..To me there is no question what to have….
To each their own. I was cross-border shopping once and found a clearout bookstore with Spanish versions of Ken Follett novels. I even found a "Harry Potter y el Caliz del Fuego" (goblet of fire). I gave a gardener a book and he looked at it like "I don’t read English", but when I pointed out it was "en Espagnol!" his face lit up.

I no longer bring anything to read – I never seemed to get around to it. Your mileage may vary.

The Kobo is the reader I’m hinting at as well. I love the feel of a paperback in my hands, but when I travel, I pack so many books that it seriously cuts into my baggage allowance, which could be better used for bringing pharmacy type stuff to leave behind. I also love that the Kobo comes preloaded with 100 classics. It will be a while before I ever need to buy another book!
Thanks for clearing up the original question Martian!

Man of few words, mostly.

Okay, so, after reading all these posts, I will revisit the e-reader. My problem is not having a lot of time to "browse" the internet so I love this forum for "fast" tips. Now I’m going to take a look at Kobo. Our upcoming trip is for 3 weeks so that means packing a serious number of books
Another thing about the Kindle/Amazon that put me off was I found the searching tedious and time consuming. Like I said, I don’t have a lot of time to muck about on the internet.

Checked out the Kobo and I think I’m sold :D. Very happy with their ebooks site, also. Quick and easy to get around. Thanks for bringing Kobo to my attention.

selectivedi1 Guest

I have never heard of the Kobo…will check that out also. Not sure if it would be a concern, but could sand damage the reader? This is why reading these forums are so great – so much information here and I’m always learning new things.

I also bought a cover that it fits inside and zips up, has a clear face so u can read thru it… never have to take it out of it.

Was made by M-Edge I believe. Enjoy the reading!!

I have found a Kobo at Chapters but they have no idea where I can buy the cover that it fits inside that zips up.Do you recall where you purchased the cover?.

Freedom Ryder ……………….

I….. Not sure if it would be a concern, but could sand damage the reader? …… I suspect you would want to treat the device like a camera or other electronic device. I don’t think it would take kindly to sand and the salty atmosphere.

I sent an email to the company about this and will post any reply I receive on this thread.

Freedom Ryderthis is what my cover looks like…

It is for the sony pocket edition.. works great outdoors, like I said completly inside the cover and i NEVER take it out as u can read thru the clear front. It has zippers that go all around to acsess any controls.I would think they would make them for other brands as well.

I think I bought mine at best buy.

Thanks for the reply Lovethesummer. I will check out best buy and see if it fits the Kobo.

Freedom Ryder 8-)……………………..

After a bit of research I just purchased the KOBO eReader. I chose this one over the Kindle for a number of reasons. The kindle is only available in the US or from their website. International orders are currently backlogged 9 weeks. One also have the shipping and duty costs on top of the cost of the device. Lastly the kindle does not currently support the epub format which is used by most other eReaders and your local library.One note of caution there are 2 versions of the the KOBO out there currently. The $99 one available from Wally world is the ‘old’ one without wi-fi and a screen that only has 8 levels of greyscale. The ‘new’ one avialable from Chapters is $149 and had a 16 level of greyscale screen. Essentially the screen is the same as on the new Kindle 3 and is significantly sharper than the screen on previous devices.

If you get an eReader I would also strongly suggest you download Calibre, which is available for free from This is a great open source application for managing your eBook collection and loading downloaded books to your eReader.

Clearly I am sold on eReaders and think they are the best thing to come along in a long time for avid readers. Hopefully if enough of us start using them we can help the publishing industry save a few trees in the process, not to mention the saved wear and tear on my body from lugging about so many books, manuals, etc.TTFN,


I….. Not sure if it would be a concern, but could sand damage the reader? …… I suspect you would want to treat the device like a camera or other electronic device. I don’t think it would take kindly to sand and the salty atmosphere.

I sent an email to the company about this and will post any reply I receive on this thread.

Good point! I would be spending a lot of time at the beach with the ereader so this is of concern Definitely more food for thought before I make a final decision on buying or not.

With the exception of the automated response saying they received my query, no response yet …..
I did spend a fair bit of time rummaging through the user manual and it didn’t appear to address that issue either.

Yes Steffi,
thats exactly why i bought the protective cover for my sony pocket edition. And as I stated, it worked wonderfully. I spent alot of time at the beach as well and with the wind ect there was alot of sand on everything except my e reader As far as what brand of ereader to purchase, well everyones needs are different, I have the basic non wireless version as i only wanted it for reading and dont mind downloading to the comp takes seconds and I wasn’t interested in browsing for my books on the device.

I took15 books with me and read 4 but looked at 2 i never ended up reading. So just the difference of the weight alone was great and since I prefer hardcover books the feel isnt so bad.

It is actually smaller than a hardcover book and much thinner than a book with my cover mine is only 5.5×7.5×0.5.I haven’t looked for other readers but i imagine that the covers are made for most of them. Or even might fit other readers.


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