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Just wondering if any other users of the online "plan-it-yourself" companies have encountered this or not…3 years back these same services identified for me a host of "All Inclusive" resorts to choose from.I keep fiddling around with the to/from dates and other trip criteria, and cannot get any of these services to identify a single "All Inclusive" resort in their packages. Bizarre…are they already "booked up" during the "busy season" (the fall/winter here in North America) and not yet accepting reservations for next Spring/Summer? Are these services for some reason no longer associating themselves with the all-inclusive resorts? Please share if you have encountered a similar issue. I’m finding a host of nice $1,000/person hotels for 8 nights/9 days…but excluding food, beverages, and activities, this could easily turn into $1700+ USD…which is more than I had hoped to spend before excursions, taxis, etc are factored in.


Steelmooch, AI resorts are not the "norm" in CR, with a spattering offered throughout the country. People are quite often on the move, so you might consider condo/vacation home rental if you want a home base to work from?

I always "plan" on my own. I have stayed AI, and pay as you go.Depends on what you are looking for, and the area that you are looking in.


when are you trying to book for? i just checked Belair travel for all of CR for Jan 25 ( just picked a date) and came up with 9 options running from $685 to $2500, all are flying into Liberia

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