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Hi Gordon, We met several years ago at Marea or Farallon. Thanks for the smoked salmon tip.

I prefer Los Galeones as long as I can handle the stairs. It’s not for everyone but the views and quiet are priceless.

Are you ‘around2it’ or ‘runwithscissors’? Anyway we are aboutto go back to LG. I agree the stairs are getting hard to handle on the ‘up’ side. But for food, ambiance, and Chivirico – you have what you need and especially the relaxation and pampering the staff give you.

But I still like Marea. I could go back there in a heartbeat. My brother put me on to it. He was right!!

As far as I can recall the username, that I originally logged in with was Around2it, but I changed my display name to Runs_with_scissors to be consistent with my Trip Advisor account. Is this creating some confusion? I didn’t know around2it was displaying except on my profile. When I went to reply to the LG post, I tried to quote you, and it came to "around2it", so I went back to read your postinb and tried again. But when posted it came out as ‘run with scissors’ (I hate the underscore on anything). Don’t know which name you prefer (they’re both pretty good). I do remember both names; kinda cute!! I also don’t know which one you want and how to change it. Good question for Zee. Who also has another name: it’s "ADMIN". As I say, which ever way you go, one should be corrected, but I am attracted to both. You’re the owner!!
Here, we can have a sign-in name and a name we wish to be called. A little unlike other forums but it gives us the chance to be seen as we want instead of having a bunch of numbers and letters after our names because they were taken by someone else.That and the ability to have lots of photos and videos sure makes this place special.
Favourite AI resort, only been to 3, Paradise Island in the Bahamas, Club Amigo Guardalavaca was the Sol Rio Luna y Mares near Guardalavaca which is on the world’s BEST beach Playa Emeralda!!! A 3 or 4* depending on who rates it, the bonus was meeting Gordon at the lobby bar at the SRLM!

Hello milliiemoo welcome to the Debbie’s travel forum. Did you have any questions or your favorite resorts in Cuba to share with us? I see you quoted post but I did not figure out if you have questions or you wanted to let us know your favourite resorts in Cuba.

I have yet to visit the same resort twice, but our 6th trip in about 3 years is booked for this November to Palma Real. We feel that the lower the star resort, the nicer the people we mingle with. Our best trip to date has been at the "Villa La Mar(2star)" now closed I believe, with a close second being the "Barlovento(3star)" the resorts are well aged but very stayable, now keep in mind the trips cost on avg $1200CAD total for two, but the friendships we made have been tenfold to the 4 and 5 star resorts we stayed at!! In order from highest to lowest star we have been at Riu(5star), Breezes Varadero(4star), Barlovento(3.5star), Kawama(3 star) and Villa La Mar (2star) and yes, the lower the star, well obviously the amenities suffered, but we had the most fun at the lower star resorts by far!!

Just to add to my last post, to steer it a little more on topic. If I were booking a cheap resort and taking my now almost 5 year old daughter again, it would be to Kawama(we were there last April) again no questions asked. My daughter was treated like absolute royalty at this resort, it was amazing!! We are flying solo this trip and wanted to try something new and got Palma Real for a crazy deal out of Charlottetown PE. Our next trip our daughter will be with us once again and my guess is it will be another trip to Kawama in a Superior Room!!

I’ve yet to visit a resort I didn’t enjoy. Some had their challenges……Don Lino in 2008, only a trickle of water to try to shower with (had to get down under the bath faucet to get any usable water to wash my hair with) until halfway through the week, when it suddenly improved dramatically…..but to balance that I got my fabulous octopus photos and I genuinely enjoyed biking and hiking around the area.

I too have had a lot more fun at lower rated resorts! But you do have to be able to roll with whatever lack of amenities (or for that matter, basic expectations) you may encounter. I do meet the nicest people at lower starred resorts. In 2006 at Villas Jibacoa I met my snorkel buddy, who is now one of my very best friends!

eeeefarm, yes it is like the "we are all in this together" attitude comes out in everyone in the lower star resorts and everyone just bonds!! We went to a 5 star and a 4 star in Cuba and we will not likely return to them. They are not for everyone, but we love them!

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