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I have been all over the Caribbean and for me it would be Barbados. Public transportation will get you all over the Island, everything else works ,drink the water,electricity, top rated Restaurants and magnificent beaches.The people are terrific, safe and a diverse group of tourists. Cheers Dan

we just came back from Negril, Jamaica last week and I have to say that although Barbados is still my favourite, Jamaica is a very close second. Definitely the friendliest people I’ve met so far on our Caribbean travels.

I like so many places in Caribbean but personally first I prefer to visit Cuba for travelling, Best places, Nice food, Best for shopping and Great destination for enjoyment and relaxation. Proper place for enjoy. Just love this place.

Hello,Thank you and your question is so valuable. In my point of view Jamaica and Puerto Rico are the favourite Caribbean vacation destination.Hope this information help you.Best Regards

Will Ferrell

Hey Tracy, Welcome aboard. For our money, a Cuba beach vacation on Cayo Largo is perfect. No golf, shopping or sight seeing. One cop for the whole island and safe as safe can be.

DR was a good place for shopping and we enjoyed it but we really want to chill and recharge our batteries this time of year.

Great question.

Totally enjoyed the last four years in a row vacationing in Varadero, Cuba. In January 2013, we will vacation in Montego Bay, Jamaica and will see how that will turn out.

Hard to pick one place. Really depends on what I am looking for or want.Traveling single, I would pick Varadero. Safe, easy to get around, lots of deals and lots of nitelife!If I was looking for something more romantic with a partner, great beach, water, laid back remote and quiet I would pick Cayo Coco.Best memories, best trips, best food and nicest resorts would be Punta Cana!

But not picky, any of these places are great, and many more places I have get to visit and explore I hope!

I am guessing as those who enjoy Cuba and say it is there favorite place, is for the oppostie reasons one would say Mexico.Some of the unique things that make people stick to Cuba is the people, the history, the laid back ways, the undeveloped feel of the country along with the pricing.That is based on my experiences as well as talking with those who are hard core Cuba addicts and loyal to Cuba.

Have yet to see a Wal-mart in Cuba….haha

I am guessing as those who enjoy Cuba and say it is there favorite place, is for the oppostie reasons one would say Mexico.

Some of the unique things that make people stick to Cuba is the people, the history, the laid back ways, the undeveloped feel of the country along with the pricing.

That’s exactly what I would say about Mexico. At least from the limited areas I have traveled in Mexico so far.The people I have met in Mexico (especially resort staff) are much more friendly and try far harder to please the tourists. Mexico wins hands down on that.The history of Mexico compared to Cuba? Hmmm. Mayan temples compared to revolutions. IMHO, that’s easy. Both have wonderful Spanish architecture but in Mexico, it has been maintained much better.Laid back? Well, maybe but I find Cuba too laid back for me. I’d like to be able to sit at a buffet and not have to get my own cutlery, water, coffee, etc. Yes, I prefer Cuba’s non-motorized water sports but many areas in Mexico have that ban also.Undeveloped? It depends upon where you go. Lots of areas in the interior of Mexico are very undeveloped. We saw plenty of horse and mule drawn carts in both countries but it’s sure nice to get on the highway and get where you need to go fast without detours around giant potholes.Pricing … well, ya got me there. A 4* Mexican resort is higher in price than a 4* Cuban but then, the 4* Mexican is very comparable in amenities to a 5* Cuban – but the same $$$. So maybe not as much cheaper as you think. Yes, real gourmet food and real name brand alcohol in Mexico help sway my opinion a lot. The worst a-la-cartes in Mexico are head and shoulders above the best we have experienced in Cuba.I drove by a Walmart in Mexico. Didn’t go in. Didn’t see the need but it was nice to know that I could buy something if I my luggage was lost.  Try finding size 11 shoes in Cuba – I have tried, they have small feet and I needed another pair. Out of luck.Not wanting to change your mind since I doubt that will happen anyway. I do have many relatives that are aghast that we are headed back to Mexico in the fall. This time headed to Mexico City and small towns north-west and north-east of it. Active volcanoes, pueblos, Pyramid to the Sun, craft markets, real artisans (not trinkets). Yup, the more people that stay away, the less tourists I will encounter. I have not been to tourist meccas like Acapulco and I would not ever want to go there. The rural and remote areas are more to my liking.

We still like Cuba but there’s a whole world left to explore.

You weren’t trying to change my mind Dax, I was just replying to what people were stating about sticking with Cuba or not wanting to try Mexico etc. I realize that yes, if you look hard enough you can find comparisons anywhere between Carribean countries.But generally Cuba is known for being not as modern, more laid back and much CHEPAER than Mexico. But of course you could find a seat sale, or find laid back area of Mexico etc.I was just using overall generalizations.

Seeing as just the taxes to Mexico are almost as much as I pay in total for a whole week in Cuba,(and have yet to find a resort in Mexico that doesnt charge single supplements) I won’t be to Mexico anytime soon. But that’s just based on budgeting for me. We all have our different reasons for visiting or not visiting places.

I suspect the difference in $$ is an East Coast thing. From YYZ, departing this week:Grand Bahia Tulum in Mexico is $614. all inGrand Palladium in Mexico is $704 all inMelia Cayo Santa Maria is $559. all in Melia Buenavista CSM is $839. all inBoth Mexican resorts have food that is waaay better and better premium drinks compared to the Melias in Cuba, which are pretty good resorts for Cuba. Also, you need to add $25. for departure tax in Cuba and I’m not even counting the tipping that always seems to be higher in Cuba. The Grand Palladium is a palace compared to anything in Cuba. Of course, I’m not looking at 2 or 3* resorts in Cuba, which are super cheap if you find a deal. We’ve done that and for the price difference, we’ll be sticking to 4* (Cuban rating).The point I’m trying to make is that too many people go to one place and get stuck on it. We have never gone back to the same resort twice, not because we weren’t happy but because we prefer to explore. I’ve met many people who only go to one resort and have been there dozens of times. Each to their own.
You’re right, Dax, each to their own.  Over the decades we’ve done a lot of travelling through the Caribbean but never Mexico.  It has never held an attraction for us and I don’t see that changing.  We fell in love with Cuba back in 1978 and, after trying many other places, finally settled on a resort we love, in Cuba, that meets our criteria.  We now return annually and are very happy with our decision to do so.  Throw in Havana and we are happy campers.  So, although this thread originates a few years back, the original response hasn’t change….Cuba for us
yeah…taxes to Mexico out of Atlantic Canada range from $350-$424…But either way, I don’t think you can argue that Mexico are Cuba are evenly/equally priced.Food and drinks way better in Mexico and the DR. But Cuba is known for being cheaper as a rule. Always exceptions.And nowhere in Cuba, is it as Modern as Cancun or Punta Cana for example.So I am speaking in generalizations, and was simply an inference regarding reasons why some people are hooked on only travelling to Cuba….

Been to a few different places but still Love Cuba. It all comes down to on what the price is, the departure/arrival hours both ways and a direct flight destination from Winnipeg.

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