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For frequent Cuban travelers, what is your favourite resort? I know some of you have been 30-40 times; others just a few, but how many times have you been to your favourite resort? And why is it your favourite? I think I can safely say that you can use as much space as you need (am I correct Admin; Mods?). I personally have to go back to expired passports and boarding cards to see where we’ve been. How about others? PS: please add any questions or info you would like to know; we have an excellent member base. I’m sure they would like to add to the discussion.Edit .. Listing and discussing favourite resorts is okay here. For longer descriptions, we’d sure like to see your reviews posted, referenced and then discussed.

As much as you like. LOL

I will help you out sund0g regarding poll. Click edit post and you will see button that said "add poll" so you can add list of the hotels/resorts so that others can vote. Hope it helps!

It would be tough to do a poll unless you listed every resort in Cuba so members could vote, and then you would have to permit more than one vote per member if you want us to chose several in descending order.

Maybe just change the title of your thread to something like "Favourite Cuban Resorts" and away we all go answering?

Thanks Guys. Admin: I did eventually find ‘poll’ while trying to edit a typo. YVR: Consider it changed! I didn’t think it through and my wording should have been made more carefully. A writer I shall never be!

It’s hard to pick favourites, because I like many different resorts for different reasons. My sentimental favourite has to be Sol Cayo Santa Maria, because it is the first place I ever went in Cuba, back in February 2003, and I have stayed there seven times since then. I used to go every year, but then couldn’t get Sol out of Toronto for some reason, and went to Melia next door in ’06, ’07, and ’08. I haven’t been back the last three years for various reasons, not the least of which is the "Varadero" atmosphere that Cayo Santa Maria is developing. If I could go anywhere in Cuba, and had the Tardis at my disposal, I would go back to Sol when it was the only hotel on the beach!Another place I have visited a lot is Villas Jibacoa, mostly for the snorkelling. I’ve been there eight times, and twice to Breezes next door. Will I go back? Possibly, if the deal is right. But I am getting tired of seeing the reef deteriorating, tired of watching people stand on it, tired of fish made aggressive and annoying because of handouts, and the place has lost its charm for me. However, it will always be special for another reason……I met one of my best friends, who is now my "snorkel buddy", and her husband at that resort the first time I went there in ’06. The third place I will mention is Caracol in Santa Lucia. I had more fun at that resort than I have had anywhere else in Cuba. I’ve been there seven times, three of them with my snorkel buddy and her husband, and those three trips featured more enjoyment and laughs than any of my other Cuba trips. We just had a blast every trip, the whole week we were there. Excellent snorkelling, fabulous sailing, and just great company. Good times! Here’s a memory I cherish…..the Hobie coming back to pick us up from snorkelling….

So those are my top three, for various reasons. But how about all the rest? Playa Blanca, Cayo Largo is also near the top of my list, and Los Galeones in Santiago, and Farallon and Bucanero and Sol Luna Mares and on and on……

I like Cameleon Villas Jibacoa as well. I actually met eeefarm there once and sssnakes a number of times. I like it as much for what it isn’t as for what it is. It isn’t crowded with a packed beach and a lot of drunk people (usually). It isn’t near a town so I can go for early morning runs through farm land and/or small villages. It is getting rundown a little but they are working to improve it. They added a few more palapas and a small gym in the last couple of years. The snorkling is great although as eeeefarm pointed out there are issues. I like that it is a resort with a small number of rooms on a large tract of land and situated on a long beach so you can plunk yourself down in a spot with no one close by to you. It is also small enough that you see the same people over and over again so you can start up aquaintances quite easily.

My favourite resort is the one that gives me the best value for what I am looking for at the time. I have a soft spot for Breezes Jibacoa as I got to do my first open water scuba dive there. I also got to meet the YVRck family there. My wife is not a big fan of Jibacoa because of the Jelly fish issues on both occasions we visited and the prices have been a little high for what it is IMHO. We really enjoyed the RPT on our second last visit to Cuba but unfortunately I didn’t get to dive or snorkel because of an injury but I did however take a scooter out and adventured into Guardalavaca and all of the surrounding resorts. Right now I think my favourite has been the Blau Costa Verde for value food,beach and snorkeling and laid back attitude but I want to give the RIU PT one more shot this year .Overall the Royal Hideaways was probably the nicest resort I have been to in Cuba but it was just a bit too formal for my speed. I am prepared for the a la cartes when I go on vacation but having to dress up for the buffet is just a bit too much for me. ( I also ran into a few too many "my SS&#t doesn’t stink" type people there)

Our favorite resort has changed over the years. Tried a few places in Varadero but wasn’t impressed. Went to Blau Costa Verde in Holguin and liked it enough to return three times. During construction at BCV we went to PCV and it became our new favorite for a couple of years. This spring we went to the Paradisus RDO in Holguin and it is now our favorite. Unfortunately it is quite expensive so while we’d love to return it’ll depend on prices and our travel budget. While we love the PRDO now, twenty years ago we would have found it much too quiet.

Our favorite resort is probably the one we went to on our first trip to Cuba. It may not be so much because it is better than any others, but Mrs. CJ and I had been through a lot of stress through the previous year, and really needed an escape.We went to what was then Beaches Varadero (now Melia Las Antillas) and we had a chance to reconnect with each other. We had such a restful time that whenever the world gets too heavy and we want to remember what really counts in our lives, we think about the memories of that trip and all the good things it did for us.

We have been to other resorts since, and had a great time, but our old favorite is still the one that made us come back to Cuba again and again.

I would say that my favorite resort is as well one that I went for the first time in Cuba and I returned to this resort at least 4 times. Name of the resort is Sol Sirenas Coral Resort www.debbiescaribbeanresortreviews.com/cuba/solsirenas.html I know it is not the best resort in Varadero but fists impression, palms and white sand beach stayed in my memory forever. So I returned to that resort a few times. It used to be 2 resorts when I went there first time one called Sol Club Coral and other one Sol Club Sirenas but now is only one big resort Sol Sirenas Coral Resort.

Our favourite resort is Breezes, Jibacoa with their awesome staff, good beach and food. We go in low season November when the prices are very good.

Our favourite resort is Breezes, Jibacoa with their awesome staff, good beach and food. We go in low season November when the prices are very good.

I’m not a big fan of the beach in front of the Breezes. I stay next door at the Villas Jibacoa but I always find when I walk the beach that I invariably stub my toe on a rock in the sand on the Breezes side of the beach.

My favorite changes often, it used to be Villas Jibacoa but I’ve soured on them for various reasons. Now I like Paradisus Rio de Oro, which is like night and day compared to Villas jibacoa, (pricewise too).But just because I have favorites, doesn’t mean that I won’t continue to keep going to different areas and trying other places and finding new favorites. I’m already going to a new location in December.

I may even go back to Villas jibacoa one day. who knows.


In a previous life, didn’t you go to Marea del Portillo or the Farallon?


In a previous life, didn’t you go to Marea del Portillo or the Farallon?

sssnakes has been to Farallon.

To me looks like that many members like different resorts and have different favorite resort in Cuba. I personally think its great as we can exchange experiences from different resorts.


In a previous life, didn’t you go to Marea del Portillo or the Farallon?

Yes I’ve been there and loved the Farallon. I would go back there but I don’t like flying with Sunwing. But no big deal, there are lots of other places I will go to in the future.

I always would like to go to new places and return once in a while to old ones. But I never want to get stuck going to the same place over and over again.  

I guess that since I have been to the Marea del Portillo hotel 16 times (and 17 is already booked), I can claim it as my "favorite".But I also really enjoyed the Melia Santa Maria (but in July when it was quiet AND one of two hotels on that Cayo) and Cayo Largo (Barcelo at the time). Both would easily make it back to my "definitely if the price was right" list!
Well I guess your favorite resort would be the first one you stayed at on your first visit. Mine would be the the Old Riu Turquesa, now the Be Live Turquesa. Once we grew a little more comfortable we like to all the Melia Cayo Santa Maria our favorite. Although had we been able to go to the Melia Cayo Coco I hink we have had o change. I do want to say we’ve enjoyed every resort we’ve stayed at.


Well, my first hotel was Club Amigo in Guardalavaca many years ago. I wouldn’t go back there for all the tea in China. Second one was Club Mayanabo in Santa Lucia, wouldn’t go back there either. While I still enjoyed the experience and had a good time, the hotels themselves left a lot to be desired. Both of them are those "barracks" style hotels. I’ve learned my lesson.

Sol Cayo Largo, Sol Rio de Luna de Mares in Holguin, Melia Cayo Santa Maria, Melia Cayo Coco. As you can see, we have a lot of faith in the Melia/Sol chain of hotels.

We’ve never been to the same place twice and have no real favorite. A short list of those I would return to though might include Playa Pesquero and Breezes Jibacoa. If the price was right, I’d go back to Melia Las Dunas or Brisas Guardalavaca. I would not return to Breezes Varadero, the Blau Colonial, nor whatever the Oasis Playa Coco is called now.
Sol Rio de Luna y Mares will be our first repeat. But this is mainly because it’s our wedding and we don’t want to take chances on a unknown resort. We like every of the 4 resort we’ve been so far for different reasons but there was something special at SRLM that makes it better.

I’m almost sure next trip will be at different resort, probably another part of Cuba too. Cayo Largo looks so nice, but every time we want to book there, there are no flights on the weekend.

We were long time return visitors to the BCV, but have been disappointed with some of the changes. We’ve tried PCV twice, SRLM once and the MCC once. Our favorite would have to be MCC, and second choice SLRM, (Luna side)for its tranquility and the option to use the Mares side if we want more action. Would like to try Paradisus Rio de Oro, but it, like MCC, is a bit expensive as we like to do 3-4 visits a year including Havana (Mercure Sevilla). We will probably cut back to 2-3 times so we can become regulars at MCC. Bergerman, I hope you will get there soon.

I do not think there is one favourite resort. We absolutely loved our trips to Melia Cayo Guillermo. When we were there it was exactly and what we wanted. We also enjoyed our 2 trips to Playa Costa Verde. And now we are big fans of Paradisus Rio Oro. So there are many resorts we have enjoyed for different reasons and at different times.

For us, we like Adults only, or at least resorts that do not attract younger children. Clean is critical. A good walking beach is important and the opportunity to go see the local areas. Holguin offers most of these. Cayo Guillermo had a killer beach though…miss that in Guardalavaca area – nice but not as nice as the Cayos.

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