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Hi all!Hope a good holiday season was enjoyed by everyone.I have a few last minute questions before we head to RD (16 days ;D ;D) Is there a time difference between us and Panama?Do we need adaptors or converters for our electric items?Are american $$ accepted everywhere or is it necessary to change money to the Panamanian currency??

Looking forward to a week of fun in the sun with our friends!!

Hi TN;American money is accepted EVERYWHERE. No reason to convert it. No need for adapters or convertors, so don’t pack any. No time difference.Just a little over two weeks until you are in Panama. That is fantastic.
Thanks Bebbie,

I see your countdown is on as well…..less than a month for you!

Have a great trip, you guys! I’ll look forward to your reviews and maybe some photos of your trips when you return. I think I may have hubby "convinced" that we should try Panama.
TN, just barely less than a month. When you come back be sure to come back to this forum as there will be a question I have to ask, but no use asking now until you return.

SUJ, hopefully you and your husband will experience Panama sometime. As I say to everyone, if you go – you have to go see the canal, so you can say you did. It’s usually a question people ask you when you return. lol

Could someone let me know if they still have horseback riding at the Decameron?? Are the horses well cared for?? thanks, deb

Bebbie,If you want me to check something out or pay attention to something…you had better ask me now! I sometimes veg out so much on vacation that I don’t always make note of things!Another question…

What is a good thing to bring home from Panama?? The DR has it’s Larimar, Cuba it’s cigars, etc….Does Panama have a national stone or


TN:I imagine you are flying out the same time we are scheduled to. It is six thirty – arriving in Toronto about eleven thirty. All I will want to know is what time you had to vacate your rooms and what time the buses came to take you to the airport. This is the latest we have ever flown out so I am wondering if we’re going to be spending A LOT of time at the airport.What to bring back from Panama? Molas. Tagua Nut Carvings.
TNAbout three nights a week at the Decameron locals come in to sell their crafts. If you go to the briefing, find out for sure what nights they come in so you don’t miss it. This is where I picked up my mola about three years ago (still be framed).


I was afraid you would ask that. How does one describe this….hmmmmmmmm. I will send you a site you can check out. It’s stitchery done by the Kuna women. This is an interesting site to check out. To get a better look at what I am talking about click on artisans at the top of the screen, scroll down to Kuna and you will see a woman and there are molas in the back ground. www.panart.com/molainfo.htm
Molas are indeed beautiful…. I’ve bought a few both times I went to Panama and visited/stayed with the Kunas in SanBlas.

The Emberas also make beautiful carvings out of a very hard nut.

In the past there has been a $20 U.S. departure tax which is collected at the airport. (Of course always subject to change without notice.)
US currency, no adapters. don’t take travelers cheques. They are a pain to cash and nobody accepts them.Molas are beautiful. If you do any of the tours – do the Embera Indiginous Community tour. It is fabulous!!!!! Have fun!


One more…What is the food like at RD?? Can anyone comment on the buffet and the a-la-carte restaurants??


TN All personal preferences/opinions when it comes to the buffet. Different theme every night. The two buffets usually do NOT have the same theme either. So if you are up to it, you could take stroll through each one and decide.The a-la-carte restaurants are good. Once again that is just my opinion. Only 6 more days for you! Getting excited?
Documents are in hand and the count down begins ! Started gathering our stuff together over the weekend and will pack on Saturday. Now…if I could just get rid of my night shift on Thursday night …all would be perfect !
Well folks….I was able to get someone to work my shift on Thursday night so…I am officially done work until we come back ! ;D ;D.
Starting to slide into vacation mode….need to sleep a bit yet today, then will continue sorting, packing and be ready to head to Toronto on Sunday for an early flight on Monday.
That is fantastic TN, that you were able to get someone to work your shift. Trying to think if there is anything ‘we’ haven’t told you. If I think of anything before you leave on Sunday I will post it.


Tirednurse……. 3 things!!!Enjoy!Enjoy!!Enjoy!!! ;D ;D ;D

[glow=red,2,300]7 days to Honduras!!![/glow]

theponder,Have you been to Honduras before??One of our group going to Panama went to Hoduras about 3 years ago…as far as I know, she liked it there.

Have fun!!!

theponder,Have you been to Honduras before??One of our group going to Panama went to Hoduras about 3 years ago…as far as I know, she liked it there.

Have fun!!!

Never been… quite excited about it!!!! just 2 more working days left, but tonite, I already feel as if I’m on holidays!!!

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