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January 2003

I thought I would just send in a review even though my trip was in March 2001 because I notice there are not a lot of reviews of hotels in Acapulco. I know its not much of a place for the all-inclusive option or for the older crowd but I thought I would send my thoughts in for those who are looking for a place to go during Spring Break that’s a lot of fun and has a lot of excitement. Not really the hotel described in this review but Acapulco in general, it has amazing clubs that keep you going till dawn literally and the people you can meet make it so much more enjoyable.

My best friend and I stayed at the Fiesta Inn during the first week of March 2001, so it was pretty much in the midst of the Spring Breaks. This hotel had just opened in November of 2000 so it was fairly new. We had stayed at the Copacabana 4 years previously but were looking for somewhere different. The hotel is situated in the heart of everything so location was excellent. Within walking distance of the markets and one of the main clubs, Disco Beach.

The hotel was very nice but a little smaller than most. There was a little mix up with our accomodations, we had asked for 2 double beds but when we got to our room we had a king size bed. We turned around and went back downstairs and complained but they said they were booked for the weekend and to try back Monday. So there was nothing we could do. We went back to our room and started to check it out, it was nice and big and the view was amazing. We were facing the bay and our balcony wrapped around the whole corner of the room, we decided this room was too nice to give up so we proceeded back to reception to tell them we were keeping the room after all. We eventually got a peep inside the other rooms with the double beds when housekeeping was cleaning them and we’re so glad we didn’t change they were so small and were at the side of the hotel so the view wasn’t as good either.

So being best friends for 12 years we didn’t really care about sharing a bed plus it was a king and there was so much room anyway.

We knew there would probably be little quirks here and there since it was a new hotel but they didn’t pose a problem. There was only one restaurant that was both buffet or you could order off a menu. With ordering off the menu, some sandwiches during lunchtime seemed to change even though I had ordered the same thing from the day before. Not too big of a deal since it still tasted good. Our favourite meal had to have been the shrimp, it was excellent, we must have had it for almost the entire week. I know now the drinks have been shortened to being available only until 8pm, unlike when we were there until 10pm. The only irritating factor was because we got the all-inclusive feature that we kept having to sign all of our bills???? who knows???? don’t know if it has changed either??

It seems this was a hotel that a lot of locals come to for the weekend and such, there were not a lot of people our age there being 26 and 27, it was mostly families. Compared to the Copacabana which is party atmosphere, ask anyone who has stayed there, its absolute insanity, but loads of fun. Considering we were 4 yrs older now from when we went the first time in 1997, we wanted something a little less overwhelming, it allowed us to relax by the pool with virtually no one around and then party it up at the clubs at night.

The beach around our hotel was nothing exciting, it was a little rocky and since its not white sand very hot if you’re not down by the water. We pretty much just stayed poolside the whole week.

The taxis are the best way to get around and are not expensive at all, the only time we really needed them was to go to the clubs at night. They were so much fun to take as well a lot of the taxis have the neon lights all over them and pumpin’ systems so it definitely got you in the mood to groove for the night. Palladium, Andromeda and Disco Beach, the foam party on Fridays are so much fun!!! are among my top three for clubs in Acapulco. Enigma, which used to be Extravaganza, is close to Palladium but much smaller in size so I didn’t like it as much, with the same amount of people it was just too crowded. A lot of the time, most clubs had ladies free, men still have to pay but they do have a deal that you just pay an entrance fee which usually runs around $20-30 CDN and drink free all night, so by the time you have 4 drinks your cover has been paid for. It really is a good deal for the men, considering how much you men can drink. Just think of what you spend in a regular night at the bar, not a bad deal eh?

They do have a variety of excursions, the Aca Tiki is fun. You start out at about 10am in the morning on a catamaran and tour around the bay, they show you and talk about a lot of the celebrity houses that are there such as Michael Jackson, Hulk Hogan, Antonio Banderas and so on…. Make sure to bring suntan lotion, you’re in the direct sun right in the primetime of the afternoon. Plus the fact that you begin drinking at 10 in the morning. Your lunch and drinks are included in the price. They stop for a while in this cove, where you have the opportunity to go snorkelling or spend time on the beach.

Although this hotel is not party central, we enjoyed the relaxation during the day and peace so we could gear up to party at the clubs at night.

If you need to party all day and night then choose the Copacabana, the party never ends but if you need a little rest and some peace and quiet in between the partying the Fiesta Inn definitely fits the bill.

Acapulco is definitely the younger crowd enjoyment especially around Spring Break.

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