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This is one of the videos I wanted to finish before our next trip, which is coming up in April. The snorkeling is from the beach at Brisas Sierra Mar during the last two weeks in Jan. This was our third time to Santiago de Cuba, and our second at this resort. If I could make any generalization about the weather it would be that the water in Jan is a bit rough and always moving. Not so bad from a swimmers point of view but it does make it difficult to enjoy what’s under the surface. However I did enjoy playing with my new GoPro camera and look forward to more practice in April. Here’s the link. Enjoy

Nice video specially the end very nice Thanks for sharing your video with us! GoPro cameras take very nice videos for its size. Which GoPro camera did you use for this videos?

Thank you: we’re heading out on Saturday for Los Galeones and even though I’m not a snorkler I loved looking through the eyes of a camera man! I so enjoyed listening to my favourite band. Next time you’re going to SM let us know; maybe we can hook up for Wilbur’s.

Thanks all.I used the GoPro hero 3-silver. Found it easy and fun to use, and I’m impressed with the quality of the video.

Sund0g I’m sure we’ll meet up at some point. Los Galeones is on the short list! Especially after our short visit in January.

Thanks all.
I used the GoPro hero 3-silver. Found it easy and fun to use, and I’m impressed with the quality of the video.

Yes I got same camera GoPro Hero 3 Silver edition and I am amazed with photos and videos. I installed app on my smartphone and it is great as on vacation I can review photos and videos that I took that day You can even control camera with that app. Did you try app?

Yep. Put the app on my ipod and was able to check my video sitting on the beach with my mojito. Loved it. Great way to preview to see if I was on the right track.

Loved the video. The colours are great!

Did you mount the GoPro or hand hold it? If mounted, how and to what? I just got a GoPro Hero 3+ and am looking forward to trying it out. I’ve got an ipod to view it and adjust settings. My BIL borrowed the camera for a ski trip and got some pretty impressive videos using the chest mount. I was wondering if that would work for snorkelling? Also, what resolution and view did you use? He used 1080 wide for the skiing videos and mounted the camera upside down.

Hi eeeefarm,I hand held the GoPro. Bought "The Bobber" by Gopole and mounted the camera on it which made it very easy to hold and operate, and no worries about it slipping to the ocean floor. Picked it up at Best Buy.

As to the resolution after I reviewed them I left everything to the default which for the video was 1080-30 FPS wide and Camera 11MP wide. I left the Protune turned off. From what I understand Protune is the video version of RAW (vs jpg) and for me video is complicated enough to work without adding that level of difficulty to it :-). The only think I wish I did was take some pictures with it. There were some interesting fish but the video doesn’t really allow me the ability to zoom in to get a better view the same as you can with pictures. I tried with video capture but with marginal improvements. Something to play with in April I guess.

Did you take any special measures with the underwater casing? e.g. silicone grease on the seals? Any issues with fogging up? I saw a bit of youtube video someone had done with a chest mount, and I think I might try that. Would leave my hands free to use my other camera for stills. I don’t have any special mounts yet other than the chest mount, but if I hand held it without a mount I would attach a floating strap, I think. (yes, I know you can get the floaty back for it).

Any other tips would be appreciated!

Nice shooting with the GoPro, I enjoyed watching the footage.The reef is in a very depressed state though, very sad to see such a forlorn reef with such little marine life.

If you go on the GoPro website you can download their own editing suite free of charge and it’s pretty cool to use.

Thanks for the tip wossa1, I’ll try that. Right now I tend to use Windows movie maker for most stuff. It does a pretty good job for the basics. I also use Photoshop Premier for those things Movie maker can’t do, including burning BluRay quality DVD’s.

eeeefarm, My Camera mask uses the silicon grease which I use all the time but when I saw how tight the GoPro was I didn’t think it was needed (at least not right away). And while my masked fogged up a lot, the camera never did. But then I never opened it up unless I was in the room where the humidity would be less, and that was only to charge it. The Gopole also had a wrist strap as well so when I needed my hands free it wasn’t an issue. My only problem was remembering I had camera in my mask at the same time as I had one in my hand. I think I would have gotten better pictures had I remembered. No problem with the video just wish I got better pictures. My next project will be to see what pictures I got with the Mask and what my wife took with her new camera.

A nice trick with the GoPro over a reef is to put it on a telescopic monopod, something like this:

This allows you "float" the camera easier thus getting rid of much of the camera shake and jerky motion that happens when it’s hand held.It also allows you to easily get the camera very close to the reef without disturbing anything and you can sneak it down into holes and crevices much deeper inside than you can do with your hand/arm – again without disturbing anything.Lastly, it makes doing selfies really easy because the camera is so far from your body.Cheers,


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