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Carretera de Cienfuegos Km 1.5, Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus

"basic place"
Posted by: rapheal on Jun 13, 2014
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Desde cerca debe ser maravillosa, pero les puedo asegurar desde aqui la veo mas bella aun .Por ser la tierra mas linda que ojos humanos han visto.

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It’s just a basic place, nothing special and outstanding, if you don’t mind luxury, this is the place for you but I will have to think twice before coming back here again. I stayed here for two nights before moving along to another hotel and the rest of my DR tour. The welcome I got was a little bit overstretched and I call that trying too hard and in your face but I really do appreciate the effort. I would say it is a pretty descent and standard accommodation but without the luxury. One of the things I enjoyed most here but not eager to do again is the horse riding to the waterfall as one of the hotel’s offer, it was fun. The waterfall was amazing and I loved the experience but that was maybe the only good thing I loved about the place. The pool at this hotel was dirty and almost brown which I might add use to be white colored pool. I was not happy with how unpleasant the restaurant staff was, I mean I am not getting the food for free, I paid for accommodation. The mosquitoes and bugs in the room was a total turn off and I didn’t come with repellant. I am not an animal person so the roaming around of the animals like turkey, chickens, cats and ducks were all making me want to leave so I ended staying just two nights and left for better DR experiences as this place kind of affected my mood and I was ready for a happy adventure while on vacation.

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