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Hi I have been a faithful member of Debbies Dominican Forum and trust everyones opinion immensely. I have come on here looking for your input. I have a wonderful opportunity to visit Costa Rica very inexpensively due to the generosity of family. I have heard many opinions as to it being a safe place. Here are my questions. First off we are going to Manuel Antonio. Is it safe for us to rent a car and drive from the airport (I understand it is about a 3 hour drive).Are there places to stop along the way that will be wonderful to see and safe?

Lastly do you have any recommendations for luxury homes in a gated community near the beach that would sleep 9 people? I appreciate your help in advance. Talli

Hi Talli,I’ve just returned from Costa Rica, and had the opportunity to visit Manuel Antonio…fabulous place! I’m a travel agent in Canada, and represent a vacation rental home in Nosara , and have had the opportunity to drive some of the roads in Guanacaste. On our return this trip, we drove from Jaco to San Jose in the morning to meet our departure flight, and the roads were in great condition…just not sure that I would be able to navigate the directions, as it’s not all clear highway. You might consider a transfer upon arrival, and arrange a rental vehicle once in destination – if you’ve not been before, it could prove to be a bit of an adventure! Throughout CR, there are vacation rental homes available, Manuel Antonio no exception. VRBO is a good place to start.

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