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Yes I have been, Royal Golden Club. Was an amazing resort but way to big for my liking. The beach is not usable in the front so you have to walk over to the other part…in the heat carrying your stuff for the day can be a long one.Very large resort, loads of things to day. Food was really good. Steel band playing during lunch at the other beach was really nice touch.Pool is huge but was way to warm for me. Didn’t do any entertainment as I was to tired from being in the sun all day. Royal Golden has it’s pluses so you might want to check that out. Perhaps upgrade if you do not already have it.Long drive to the resort from Montego Bay but it’s a nice one if in the daylight.Let me know if you need anymore…jerk chicken is amazing at the beach grill,,,be careful adding anymore of the sauce unless you want to tear yourself a new one LOL

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