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Hello Everyone,Been to Cuba and Dominican Republic a few times and we went mainly for the beautiful beaches. This will be our first time to Costa Rica. We have heard the beaches are not like in Cuba or Dominican but this time we are going for the tours and the adventure that Costa Rica has to offer. What I would need help with is which area of Costa Rica is the best to stay at? A nice beach would be a bonus, and at least a four star hotel. Any other info would greatly be appreciated ie nightlife, restaurants and especially any advice for first timers.


When were you planning to go.I hope not over the Christmas or New Years time. We booked in early August for later Dec. and were told by our TA 10 days before departure that the hotel had cancelled their bookings…………..this was the Fiesta Priemier Resort…she also said the other hotels were doing this too. This seems to be a regular occurence there as it happened in previous years. Have met many people who have been bumped in Costa Rica over the past few years.

Hi cvhgirl
we have been to Costa Rica and love it. That is where we plan on living in approx. 5 years or less. We have friends that live at Arenal Lake area. It’s a very verstile country. I suggest you ask the smartest man in the world Mr. Google…he knows everything. Here’s a site that you might fine usefull
Have a wonderful trip !!!
I would say….Playa Hermosa… and definately go to the Arenal Volcano, as well as Tabacon Springs…you will NOT be dissapointed.

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