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Is now listed at the LCBO..( Liquor Control Board of Ontario)….Only $69.95 per 750 ml bottle….. Please add to your Christmas gift list for me.

OK… now it is back off the product list on the LCBO website……. never made it to the store and now it is pulled

Just bought some at the Nicaragua border last week. It’s still $30. They also had 21 year old for $52 that they were selling at the Masaya market for $65.


I just saw this at my local liquor store in Halifax. I take it from this thread that it’s definitely worth trying.
How does it compare with Appletons?

Even the 5, 7, and 2 or 15 yr old stuff is superior to anything with the Appletons Brand on the bottle IMNSHO.BTW when I can’t get Brugal, Flor de Cana is my brand of choice..


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