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Are you planning a trip to the Riviera Maya? Well, you are choosing right. I have never seen more beautiful beaches. The Riviera Maya is certainly one of the best travel destinations in Mexico. The Riviera Maya offers a wide range of activities, but today I will talk to you about the gorgeous beaches.

The Riviera Maya has 80.77 miles of Caribbean coast and it includes an island: Isla de Cozumel. Let’s start with the Cozumel Island. The island coast has white and smooth sand, as on the continental part of the Riviera. It can be calmer, so if you are looking forward to rest and lie under the sun all day, maybe this is a good choice. There is a lagoon in the southern part of the island that is called Laguna de Chankanaab. It is connected via a subterranean tunnel to the sea. It is a an amazing place because besides the incredible water color and the smooth sand, you can find a natural aquarium and a botanic garden with the most representative plants of the region.

Punta Maroma is a tranquil and lovely beach close to Playa del Carmen where you can find some resorts and, at the same time, a lot of space a conserved environment. You can do some interesting activities here, like horseback riding, snorkeling and kayaking; you can even swim with dolphins. Among the resorts, I am sure you can fin one with a nice spa.

Akumal may not be as beautiful as Cozumel or Playa Maroma, but it has its own charm. It was historically the first touristic beach in the Mexican Caribbean. The original Mayan name can be translated as “The place of turtles”. And well, yes, a lot of turtle species decided that was the best place for them of lay their eggs. It is a serene place surrounded by nature. You can rent snorkel equipment in Akumal and ask the snorkel guides to take you offshore so you can swim with turtles. I remember that I saw some really big turtles. I never expected that size!

Xpu-ha (try to pronounce it) is another peaceful and shallow beach close to Playa del Carmen. You can fin all the useful tourist services, a lot of tranquility and lots of nature. Due to its shallowness, the color of the water is lighter than in other parts. You can do many family activities here.

I recommend these four beaches for travelers and tourists looking for a relaxed day in the Riviera Maya. All of them are great places to just lie in the sand and take nap, swim a bit in the Caribbean, read a book or listen to some music. I really enjoyed the vast nature that surrounds those places. Furthermore, you cannot swim with turtles and dolphins everyday, right? It was really worth it! The natural aquarium in the lagoon Chankanaab is a great place to appreciate wildlife in the Peninsula.

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