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Debbie MailErnest would like to know:

I am Canadian of French origin and bilingual French and English. I would like some information about resorts and/or towns. My wife and I would like to know which resort and / or town that we would be most unlikely to encounter a multitude of French speaking people from Quebec Canada. My wife only knows English. I found that Quebec people seem to talk openly in French about us not realizing that I understand thier coments.

Interesting query. One resort / area we have found that has many folks from Quebec and other parts of the world where english is not their first language is the Sol in Cayo Largo.

Just a tip but it may be a place for you avoid, given your needs and wants.

There are around 6 million French-speaking Quebecers – less than 2% of the US/Canadian combined population. They tend to like to be in resorts with a minimum number of French-speakers, and so concentrate there – there are generally few elsewhere. Quebec tourists go mostly to Cuba, some parts of the DR, Martinique, and a few places around Cancun and the Mayan Riviera. If you go to Pacific Mexico you will generally find very few, idem I think for Barbados, Tobago, Santa Lucia, Virgin Islands, Bermuda, etc. Avoid the Club Meds (my favorite resort chain) – as they are French owned and tend to attract a fair number of Quebecers. In my experience, they also tend to prefer AI resorts – if you are more adventurous and go elsewhere, you will not find alot (and those you find will tend to be more open). Myself, I try to find resorts that aren’t dominated by one group, be it Americans, Quebecers or whatever. I like the mix of groups, so I too tend to look at reviews to see if clients are mostly of one type (and then I avoid the place). I suggest you choose a country/region you like outside of Cuba, and then choose the hotel or resort after reading reviews on Debbies and Tripadvisor, to get the flavor of them first.

Tom (from Montreal)

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