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So what’s with the " you are this Friday’s winner of a 3000 dollar travel spree" . Bs. Message I got today . 

Johnny C 

From whom? I didn’t get it, checked my spam too. Nothing.

Anybody else get it? Any details?

Spammers don’t last long here and we haven’t had any new ones for months.
Let’s see what others have to report, Johnny.

No spam here!

Must be a welcome "gift" for Johnny

If you’re not going to use it, can you send it to my boss?

Would be helpful if we know where you got it and who sent it!?

It was just up in the ad section above the posts . I see now that there are other ads … Expedia and such . Guess they are sponsors . Not a issue . Just caught me off guard .

Johnny c

In ad section it said that I had a meesage . I thought it was from someone asking me a travel question but it was a " you are our Friday winner …."

Johnny C

Ahh.. Banner Ads. I use AdBlock and never see them.

I use AdBlock and never see them. Me too!

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