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Regarding the failure of travel companies " If you purchase your travel using a card, you can contact the card issuing company. Some, but not all may be prepared to reverse the charges."

One should be aware of what your card does and doesn’t cover before using them to book a trip. Not all cards are created equal!

Very Very true steffie!!However, if you do not receive the goods that you purchased with your card, you are entitled to a refund of your money.But to be on the safe side always read the microscopic print ;D Travel companies seem to have their A$$ covered with verbiage worded in such a manner that makes it a legal hassle to redeem yourself as being a screwed consumer.((couldn’t think of a better word that screwed..maybe under minded?, or unvalued?))That said it never hurts to try…no one in this world looks out for you…better than you!!

Deputy ;D

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