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Interesting article today at CBC. With oil prices having fallen below $80 a barrel, and jet fuel prices heading for their first annual decline in six years, some consumers are asking why the airline fuel surcharge is not dropping as well. If you wish to read more check out this link www.cbc.ca/news/business/airline-fuel-surcharges-may-decrease-but-will-the-ticket-price-1.2822577

What is your opinion will prices go down of all inclusive deals to Cuba or other destinations? Will flights get cheaper or we will continue to pay same price. This summer many restaurants and products in the stores got more expensive because gasoline went up will they put prices down now or they will keep prices up and earn more? What is your opinion?

Quick to raise, slow to lower is probably the appropriate motto,

Prices going down? Nope, I’d expect them to say (excuse), while fuel prices have declined, the currency rate has risen more, so we’ll have to increase your price!

I doubt that prices will decrease, at least not for a while. This is bonus time for the airlines. Maybe, just maybe, if the fuel prices stay low the charter companies will start to lower their prices a bit. I suppose that the "price drop guarantees" may discourage lower prices during certain time periods.

Yes, Air Canada just anncouned record profits….I don’t see rates going down anytime soon. Add to that increased fees for baggage etc, don’t count on anyone lowering or removing those surcharges.DOn’t forget, SUNWING increased their "taxes" last year because of the high cost of oil. They specifically came out and said that was the reason. Oil/fuel is WAY lower than last year, but I haven’t see Sunwing lower or remove that from their tax portion.

Maybe we are just too "nice" as Canadians to speak up and complain. They certainly don’t stand for this or put up with being gouged in the US like this!!

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