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Thinking of travelling to Grand Cayman later this year and staying with family. Will be flying from Toronto. Any advice re: flights or things to see/do in Grand Cayman? Things to be wary of? General input?

Hi there, my fiance Dusty spent 7 months on Cayman helping East End recover from hurricane Ivan, I joined him for a while so got to know the place well enough.first of all, nothing scary at all, Caymanians are some of the most friendly and genuine people I have ever met. In the streets there is no bad language, no grafitti, no swearing,no loutish behaviour, very noticable. Cannot vouch for tourists of course! There are a lot of Jamaican’s there, they are not so friednly, but no aggressive either. If you intend to drive, look out, you will see very creative signalling, and although the speed limit on entire island is 50 mph, they have a few accidents, eratic behaviour to say the least, just assume they are all mad drivers and you will be OK, Jamaicans were the worst of all at driving. don’t get too close to vehicles in front, eratic driving, often no signals at all is normal! places to see, apart from 7 Mile Beach and tax free shopping in George Town, are The Queen Elizabeth gardens near East end, and Turtle Farm up West Bay Road, top of 7 mile beach. Best place on entire island !!!! is Rum Point, on North side, 45 minutes drive from George Town, a lazy Sunday there in a hammock is a must, everyonewho owns a boat seems to make their way over there by 3.00 pm, we went snorkelling a lot there, best tropical fish are under the jetty, and there is a great reef only a few yards out to the right with your back to the beach, water only knee deep!, we came across a 4ft baracuda under the Rum Point jetty… now he WAS scary! apparently they attack male genitalia so beware you don’t wear anything that will flash in sunlight under water, watches etc. it attracks their attention. nearby the Kai area has a great marina/yacht club with open air dining.Top of 7 mile beach is a beach bar Calico Jacks, that’s fun and nice food. avoid mid-late morning because the cruise ships drop a lot off then. good places I went to eat, Calypso Grill and Papagallos, north of George Town, but you are spoilt for choice, there are over 100 bars and restaurants, fabulous breakfast at Cocont Joe’s on West Bay Road, their Eggs Benedict were amazing!. best bar in George Town is open air Hammerheads, where you can sit and watch the cruise liners come in…..fabulous food, great people work there, make you really welcome, th eowner is barking mad but a great person, he’s been planning his November beach wedding for ages, shame we will miss it. Best supermarkets are Fosters and Hurleys, at Hurleys you will find an amazing skate board park just opened, and great craft/book/clothes shops, all privately owned.For food places outside George Town, we ate at Over the Edge on the North Side, and at Portofino near East End, and a quirky great place near a settlement called Cottage, near East End, is called Roland’s Place ….here you arrive, sit amongst the trees in his garden, eat what he has on hand to cook – and pay what you think it’s worth, …..take your own drink! he’s a middle aged – late, mad German, (I think) and flirts outrageously!!!! in all I would love to live there full time, but the hurricanes worry me a bit, will go back like a shot for a holiday though. Car hire is VERY expensive, but I think you must have one to get around. hope this helps.

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