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Holy Cr@p..I just realized i’m getting married in less than 1 month Wowzers…how the time has flown ;D
Hi! You must be sooo excited! I’m now at the five month mark. You’re an IV bride right? Best,


OMG!!!Time has flown by! Have you got everything sorted? When do you fly out to Cuba?I’m excited now with 9 weeks to go….. dont know what i’m going to be like when less than a month!!!Have you decided on how you are having your hair yet?

Cant wait to hear all about your special day

Hi Sandranf,
I was just wondering if you could get some info. for me while you’re at IV next month. Could you get the name of the photographer and I would really like it if you could give me your feedback on her when you get back. Wedding pictures are so important… Can’t wait to see your pictures…

What date do you fly out? Do you know the date you get married?

Hi everyone!!

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile…I just moved back to town and we were getting settled. I’m flying out in 10 DAYS!!!!!

I’m so excited…our wedding date is August 3 @ 4. We will arrive there the 29th of July.

I think everything is settled I have decided to wear my like this:

Hope they are able to do this. I will defintely check out the photgraper and give you my opinion…I will post a review when I get back for everyone. I want to thank newfie2 for everything that she has done for me over the past year You played a huge part in getting me to choose this resort and i’m so happy we are going

Well well well, look how the time has flown by! I am SO glad to hear your excited about going to paradise to marry the love of your life! I can’t believe it’s almost here, wow, I’m excited just thinking about you going as I know your going to have the time of your lives at the IV! I can’t wait to see pics and hear all about your wedding day, what will be the most perfect day of your life! Congrats and bon voyage!

Enjoy hon, can’t wait to hear all about it when you return !

Wow nearly there now, how exciting for you!! I can remember the few weeks running up to my Cuba wedding, the wait is almost unbearable but SO exciting as well. Have a wonderful wonderful time and I look forward to seeing your pics when you come back.

Your hair looks great btw. All the best! I can’t wait for your review. Please, please post pics of your bouquet. Cheers,


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