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Hi,Heading to the Playa Costa Verde in April 2009 to get Married….Any information anyone can supply about weddings there would be appreciated. And too, if anyone has worked with the WC (Vivian).


I was married there last April, it was fantastic! My wc wasn’t Vivian, but I did meet her, and she was very nice. They’re really good at what they do We meet with them before the wedding, picked out a colour and a location, as well as a menu for the dinner, they made the appointments for hair and everything. Really, I just had to be ready to be picked up by the horse and carriage to be taken to the beach!! It was a perfect relaxing day.
Any specific things that you want to know?

I have a question for you….kind of petty but as for the color choosing and flower choices….my dress is traditional white but I have a brigt orange ribbon around the core….is there lot’s of colors to pick from or are they limited?? I obviously want orange or something matching…

just arrived back from 15nights PCV it was our first visit to cuba, my husband and i have travelled to many long haul destinations so well aware of different standards. First impression of hotel was good arrived by taxi to be greeted with champagne reception which was great after long flight This hotel should be 3* max Rooms are large and relatively clean bedding changed regular but very worn out to the point thread bare at times, Buffet restuarant Only ate from …more [+]the hot stations where you can see your food cooked in front of you because the self service counters were very un hygenic every night the grounds would be fogged for mosquitos etc,& on several ocassions after this you would find many dead bugs had fallen into the food, which the staff would just fish out it was disgusting there were on the floor in the food on the tables really NOT a good sight to see.never ever come across anything like this ever. During the daytime the birds would fly in helping themselves to the bread, biscuits etc which wasn’t covered . I know that birds are going to fly into a open restuarant but precautions should of been put in place ie cover the dam food not rocket science If this happened in England it would be closed down Tables weren’t cleaned properly just re layed with cutlery ontop of the previous person debris, Breakfast time was always a battle never any bowls for cereal or glasses for juice. In the 2 weeks at PCV the pool was closed all day on 3 ocassions due to algae resulting in the water turning green The overall cleaniness around the pool was poor black mould on the floor around loungers from the rain which should of been hosed away every morning. We spoke to many people from England at the hotel and we ALL had exactly the same gripes, i’m sorry but i rely on the reviews people place on this site when chosing my holiday and was totally shocked & disappointed with this hotel will not be returning.
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Playa Costa Verde in Holguin is a great place for wedding and honeymoon. I was attended a wedding in Playa Costa Verde and my friend just came back from there to spend their honeymoon. I think this is the best place for honeymoon and wedding.

The buffet restaurant and the lobby bar were frequently chaotic – very difficult to have any kind of relaxation in the evenings, especially as the outdoor entertainment was also very loud and geared towards pop concert fans. However, this hotel is in a beautiful location and is all inclusive, including water-sports. Bedroom accommodation blocks and gardens are all very nice and it is quite easy to catch sight of humming birds in the grounds; also great white egrets and at least 2 species of heron on the swamp. The pool is lovely and there are plenty of loungers and shade available. There is inadequate lighting on the paths at night and some of the accommodation blocks are quite a distance from the main buildings – good idea to bring a torch.

Just wanted to clarify…."the paths are so dark, it’s a good idea to bring a torch?"Um, I am not even sure where you could buy a torch these days, nor am I sure they would let you bring one on the plane.

Aren’t those highly flammable?

Just wanted to clarify…."the paths are so dark, it’s a good idea to bring a torch?"Um, I am not even sure where you could buy a torch these days, nor am I sure they would let you bring one on the plane.

Aren’t those highly flammable?

I looked to see if they were Brit, but my guess is that they are more recently from across the pond. BTW, we have one small flashlight in each of two carry-ons as mandatory plus my Android which is pretty decent itself. I’ve never been to a Cuban resort that doesn’t have problems with dark walkways in some, if not all areas. Bigger problem is the cement slabs that seem to be dug up along the walkways in some resorts. Colonial was really bad for that a month ago. I guess they figure it’s easier to see where you are going if you fall on your face and crawl.

Actually, a torch is a good idea, then i can make sure my pork and chicken are cooked to my liking. ;D

Yes..I was being a little facetious ….. ;DAnd I think she lives in the USA, so I was really curious about torches…lol.But yes, I know walkways in Cuba are not great for the most part. Nor are they lit well.

But I am usually stumbling anyways, so its all good!

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