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Hi,Do any of you plan on giving a gift to your wedding coordinator? If so, what do you plan on giving her?? Just a tip or a gift??
Hi, We’re just going to give her a tip. We’ll also have some cash set aside for the musicians, and the wait staff at dinner. I’m not sure when we’ll give them the money– as it isn’t something I want to worry about the day of. I’m not sure how much we’ll give.. as we’re not really asking her to go out of her way on any of the details, but we’d like her to know we appreciate her services. Best,


We had 3 coordinators, i bought one a silver necklace with a charm, the one that I had been conversing with for over a year. I bought the other one a little Xmas gift from Bodyshop and then there was a guy that was helping as well, we just gave him $20CUC i believe.

We gave a coffee table type book on planning a destination wedding and a generous cash tip.

We gave a generouts tip to show our appreciation.

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