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The following was posted on their site today

Dear Customer, We are saddened to inform you that effective immediately, Go Travel South is ceasing all of its operations due to economic circumstances. Please do not show up to the airport for you flights as they will not be departing. In order to receive a full refund, you will have to contact your credit card provider. Unfortunately, Flair Air will not be able to assist with getting any refunds, you will have to contact your credit card provider directly. In order to receive your full refund, you will require your itinerary or e-ticket. If you do not have your itinerary or e-ticket, please send an email to:

[email protected]

Please note that we will only be sending out itinerary and e-tickets and will not be responding to any emails. We are extremely sorry that you will not be departing on your planned vacations. Sincerely,

Go Travel South

Right. Ouch would be the right word. They offered inexpensive holidays to Mexico and the DR out of Halifax and Ottawa. I think mainly the DR but I’m not certain about the percentage. There’s several threads about this topic on our DR forums.

I believe that their air carrier (Flair Air) will be flying this weekend to return travelers stranded by the demise of the company. I’ve heard nothing about the status of people who are down there now on two week packages. Maybe they come home with that group and lose a weeks vacation ….

It would seem that most of GTS’s business was the DR. We have a number of our DR posters affected by this company’s demise, but our Mexico people either aren’t aware yet or booked another carrier …

I’ve only heard bad things about them so I’m not surprised that they’re no longer in business.

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