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Decided to return for another visit. Only for a week this time :-/.No doubt regret only going for a week. We’ve been twice before, both times for two weeks.
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Fortunate to also be going back. One week only but what a great week that will be.

It must b a popular week… like bebbie we r returning for visit # 3 that week as well, but staying again for 2 weeks
Nice ;DWe have not figured out where to go yet

Will keep that date in mind

Thinking of going back to El Salvador from Toronto on April 13, they dropped their price for the last few weeks out of Toronto, I imagine it will be hot, we were there in January last time for two weeks and it was warm then.I can’t remember if there is free wi-fi in the lobby? I read about connections in the rooms but I like to bring my ipod touch and it is wi-fi compatible for emails. Not a problem going to the lobby to use it if it is available. Thanks

oops…meant Monday April 11 from Toronto, I think that is the last flight of the season!

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Just returned and had a great time. Moemoe…we did notice people on their laptops around the main pool area. Several did mention wifi in their rooms, towers 4 & 5…..so their signals must be better than last year. We opted out for not bringing any electronics this year..so can’t say firsthand tho how good it was.

Moemoe1, we just returned from ES last night. There is free wi-fi in the lobby. Apparently some people were able to pick up a signal from other buildings too. We were in building 3 and had internet connection in our room.

Lovethe summer – lucky you staying for two weeks. We sure regret not booking two weeks. Such a great destination for perfect weather. Nice meeting you and your husband.

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Also noticed that some people had their laptops working by the main pool area. Was there some sickness going on then? Some compaints when we were there, week of Feb. 7.

We’ve just booked a week at the end of March. We are very excited about trying a new destination as we’ve been to Cuba the past 5 winters.Does anyone have any "Need to Knows" for us as 1st timers to El Salvador?

Thanks for any tips/advice you can give.

CF: Be sure and take your own mugs for drinks. They have the small plastic glasses. With the heat, the ice cubes melt as fast as they pour the mixer if you use their glasses. Wear something on your feet while around the pool and on the beach. Very easily can burn the bottom of your feet. (Someone did while we were there. She had to seek medical help.) Attend the briefing…it can be very informative.
Thanks Bebbie!We always bring our bubba kegs when travelling as well as small ziploc bags (we put the ice cubes in there so our drinks are watery).It’s good to know about the footwear around the pool & beach. Thank you!Can you tell me if the staff appreciate gifts/tipping or is that not as common in ES as it is in Cuba?? We just don’t want to be insulting to anyone.

Thanks again.

Staff appreciates tips, that is for sure. As for gifts, not sure how that works anymore. The first year we went we were told that you have to fill out a form listing the items you are giving the staff member along with the person’s name. Not sure if that is still in effect. We just tipped the staff. If you do have some gifts or have items you are not going to use, the vendors along the beach appreciate them.

Be sure to try the a la cartes. We’ve always had a good meal. If you get in to the resort at a decent time and get your room assigned, you may be able to book an a la carte for that evening.

Finally getting back to El Salvador for one week, April 11 from Toronto. It’s been 3 years since we were there last.The week we are going seems to be the last week of the season, I hope everything is still open. Does anyone remember whether there are vendors on the property one night during the week? Last time I was there I bought a picture painted on a feather but I bought it on the Crafts and Culture tour. Since we are only there for a week this time I don’t think we will take a tour but want to make sure I can pick up some sovenirs.Also I don’t remember the airport, is there an opportunity to buy souvenirs there? I always like to find something a bit unique from each country that we visit.


MM: There are souvenirs available at the airport. Now regarding vendors coming in one night during the week, this I am not sure of. The last two years we were there, no vendors were there. But this year, mid week there were no a la cartes open – it was theme night. The week we were there the theme was El Salvador. There were vendors selling a few things, including paintings. They were located outside the main buffet. Apparently the week before, the theme was Mexican. Do not know if there were vendors on the resort that night.

A few vendors selling trinkets/shirts/hats/bracelets/necklaces still walk up and down the beach daily.

Thanks Bebbie, I am hoping that everything is open the week we are there, it does seem like the last week of their season. We enjoyed the a la cartes last time.
Good to know that if I can’t find a souvenir on the resort I can at least find something at the airport.

MM: Don’t forget to check the two gift shops at the resort. Their prices can’t be any worse than the airport for souvenirs.

If you need souvenirs, bring some volcano rock home.

Thanks Bebbie, I see another review on trip advisor about sickness. Were you sick when you were there? I recall a lot of sickness 3 years ago when we were there but we were OK. I thought a lot of it was because of the extreme heat and people were getting dehydrated and maybe too much sun and too much rum. There was an interesting posting on trip advisor (I think the 3rd oldest one now) that talks about an illness that everyone is getting in the area because of the extreme climate this year. Seems a shame to blame the resort if this is the case. I saw another review indicating health inspectors looking at the food. I recall the resort being very clean when we were there last.

MM: I read the postings at TA too about the sickness. Guess we were lucky – none of us got sick. Hopefully they find the cause and correct it.

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