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We just booked to go back to the Royal Decameron in July for two weeks. This time we are going to get a car and go to places we haven’t been yet. Any suggestions? We are also going to bring our 15 year old daughter with us for the first time. Probably wreck our vacation but at least I’ll have someone to shop with. Hopefully she’ll meet someone to hang out with. Anyone else going in July? LS

Has anyone been to Portobello or Colon. We want to go snorkelling. We thought we’d get in the car and drive, maybe stay in a hotel there and make it two or three days away from the resort. Also has anyone ever talked to a real estate agent there? We want to buy something but not on a Noth American compound just in a regular neighborhood. All they show you on the internet are North American prices and I know they don’t pay that down there.LS

Portobello is beautiful :)and worth seeing but , as anyone will tell you , Colon is not a safe city and would best be seen from inside a tour bus . I would not advise you to attempt to drive near or in Colon.A great tour is the " Panama Express " train tour from Colon back to Panama City.We have been to Panama three times and will be going back soon.

Please enjoy" Beautiful Panama " as much as we have

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