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Just looking for some advice as I am looking at booking a trip to Cuba by myself.Is there a particular area of Cuba that I should look at, and more importantly are there any resorts that you guys would recommend??My only stay in Cuba was the BlueBay Cayo Coco, and while I had a great time there, I wouldn’t want to spend a week there alone.During the day I like to do my own thing, beach, pool etc but at night is when I would defn want a resort with a disco, or a very good night life or close to a resort or town that would be a great place to hang out in the evenings…

Looking forward to any replies, I am hoping on booking something in the next few weeks, so I realize that it’s not going to be peek season which won’t help either…..

Breezes Varadero was full of singles when we were there (a couple of years back) and the activity staff did a lot of stuff with them. They took them off the resort to the off-site nightclubs and bars almost every night.The resort was ‘adults only’, lots of Canadians. Golf is also included, if you are into that.

Have a great time.

Thanks for the info, looks like a nice place, and somewhere that really caters like that, taking the guests off resort to places is going to place it high in my list!

Nothing wrong with some golf either…….

Usually a fair number of singles are at Club Puntarena and they have a disco. IT’s only about a 5 CUC taxi into town if the disco is dead.

I ended up booking the Blau Varadero…..I know its not a party resort, but is rated high, looks new and clean and from what I have read up, it looks like its just a short cab ride to the night clubs in Varadero.

Little disappointed that there is no disco or nightclub or swim up bar at this resort, but the other option was the Barcelo and while it may be a party place, I didn’t like the reviews or the looks of that place…

Never been there solo or single, but Varadero is very popular. If you want to be close to town, you’ll want to choose a resort that’s west of the golf course. Many are within reasonable walking (stumbling/crawling) distance.

Bella Costa is the outermost of these near-town hotels, and you might want a taxi to get ‘home’ at the end of a night if you’re in rough shape, but it’d be a cheap fare. It’s right nextdoor to a little disco bar near the beach. Although, it’s been a while since I was there – I’m not certain it’s still operating. Barcelo Solymar is a nice hotel, really close to town, easily walkable. I really liked it there.

Resorts east of the golf course involve travel on the main peninsula highway… not walkable or bike-friendly. Of course, out-of-town resorts could have on-site singles scenes that I’m unaware of.

I can’t offer an overly-valuable solo opinion, and other members would have more valuable opinions regarding adult-only hotels, but I think Varadero is the place you want to be.

Thanks for the feeback…Blau it is, so we’ll see how it goes. I know its not much of a cab ride into town or much cost, and it sounds like there is lots to do in Varadero day or night time.

Defn won’t be stumbling back to the hotel, just hope I don’t pass out in the cab and end up in havana with a really high cab fare…

I think Blau is east of the golf course, so you’re scuppered for getting to and from town via bike or ankle express. You’re out in the taxi-range. Too bad you didn’t take my advice… being close to town (or even in town, maybe Cuatro Palmas) has its perks. But maybe Blau will be a good scene for flying solo.

Be sure to post your opinions when you get back. And have a cerveza at Meson del Quijote for me!

Blau is out at the Marina (which is pretty far out on the peninsula) so you are definately a decent taxi away from town… never stayed there myself but have heard it’s nice. Have a great trip!

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