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I have not stayed there but have read many very wonderful reviews about Mary’s. Two excellent restaurants in that area that I would recommend would be The boat House which is on Airport Road that serves steaks and seafood. Another restaurant is Joe’s Pub and Grill. Nothing fancy about the place but the food is great and the prices are good. They use to have, still might, serve all you can eat ribs from Tuesday until Saturday.
I hope you will have a wonderful time there as I’m sure you will

We have stayed at the Divi Little Bay Resort, Sonesta Maho Beach Resort and the Great Bay Beach Resort. I do have to admit our favorite was the Great bay as it was within walking distance to Philipsburg which by the way is completely duty free shopping. Wonderful deals to be had there. You should maybe rent a car for the day and tour the complete island. That actually can be done in little over half a day however. I must warn you however, do NOT take or leave an valuable items in the car if you plan on leaving it for a short time. It was reported quite awhile back that thieves were even breaking car windows and stealing things. I must say however that 99.99% of the people on the island are very friendly and helpful. Any more questions please feel free to ask

I am checking out Great Bay
We have stayed there several ties and always enjoyed ourselves. Not a five star resort by any means but it very clean, great staff, food is good and they have a small casino if you like to gamble. The big plus for me was it is so close to shopping and duty free is a definite plus,

We have been there well over 30 times. Maybe more but have lost count.

What hotels would you recommend there.
Now that is one loaded question ;D ;D I’ve stayed in fabulous 5 star resorts and all the way down to 3 1/2 star resorts. It would depend of course just what you are looking for such as a la cartes, food ,size of the resort, adults only or family friendly, beaches, size of rooms etc. The list is endless but I do have a few favorites that we keep going back to.

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