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I keep hearing about touring San andres by golf cart but I never hear about the cost of renting them and it is by the hour/day/week,if any one reads this with info please respond.

we rented them for 3 hrs. but i think you can rent them for how ever long you want. had no problem going around the island , we even had someone on a bycycle pass us. it was a few years ago now,but i think it was around 30-40 US . you will have a blast as you stop whenever you want and enjoy the sites along the way. we stopped into the marazul on our way back and had a drink at their pier bar, and as it is part of the decameron’s we didn’t have to pay for the drinks. enjoy

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Last year we paid $60 for six hours of fun!!! Plus, there were 6 of us and had a blast.

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