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Golf & Hesperia Isla MargaritaWe are looking for a holiday that includes golf. Has anyone stayed at the hotel? Has anyone played at this golf course? We would really appreciate any feedback and comments. Thanks.
Hi Some1elseWe stayed at the Hesperia in January, 2002 and really enjoyed the resort and the golf.The resort was a bit un-manicured when we first got there but at the end of 3 weeks it was getting better. It had seemed like that they had given the golf course staff the Christmas/New Year’s break off and nothing was done to the course. You could be quite flexible with your golfing at this course. We walked the course most of the time (minimal hills) and you didn’t need to take a caddy. However the caddies did have very good eyes. If the ball goes off of the fairway the rough makes it tough to find the ball. It will drop to the bottom of the grass and be covered. You have to watch the ball until it stops. We also could golf 9 holes in the marning and 9 holes late in the afternoon when it was cooler. With our package we had unlimited golfing and some days we golfed 27-36 holes. As I understand it now they only offer up to 3 rounds/week in the package (out of Canada). The pro shop staff was very good (gave them a small tip each day) and the young pro helped with my game on the free weekly clinics. Also don’t believe them when they say that there is no crocodile in the one pond, there is, I seen it.The food was good, especially at the fancy a la carte restaurant which you could go to once a week. If you like steaks they had good ones here (the T-bone covered the plate). Also the lobby bar served good drinks in real glasses.If you have any other questions please write.Regards,


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