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We are finally booked for the Royal Decameron Suites on the Green for January 14 till the 28th /08. has anyone golfed at this resort?

I have posted this question on TA and still no answers…I swear no one golfs at the Decameron, so I guess the course will be wide open and just us golfing

P.S. Will, when you return please answer this

Hopefully you are still looking at your posting. I golfed there this past January. Course is average. Fast greens. Depending on your level, I would start at the second set of mens tee’s. Makes the course more challenging. Watch the ponds, there are crocs there. I met up with one, was about 4 feet long. I booked mt tee times before going. You want to be out early. First one is 7:00 am. The price is reasonable. I had my own clubs. Fee’s were around $45.00. The resort will take you down to the course and they drive you back to any lobby. If you have any you want to ask, let me know.

YES we were there last January 2008 for 2 weeks, golfed every other day. fabulous, very well maintained. we are going back January 2009 for 2 weeks again, Superior Suites on the green. This is the best golf package that I have reviewed, best pricing.

Golf is great, we go every christmas, stay on the golf side so you just pay for the cart, 22 bucks shared but only during the week,

enjoy reading the forums is it hard to get the early t-times how far ahead do they allow you to book. we are a twosome do they usually put u in with another twosome we go in feb for two weeks. get mon to fri golf included in our package. if you are all inclusive does this include drinks on the coarse lol lol any info on the golf is much appreciated we didn’t request a specific building to stay on the coarse does anyone have a suggestion? thanks for the info

HI, re GOLF, we just book our t-times for the week the day we arrive, last christmas 2 week break, they had the 8am-10am blocked out for members, so we just took the 10 each day, we were happy with that, not sure about getting the first one at 7, or if this is just a holiday thing. There is a very friendly cart girl, and coronas are 1.50 I think, bring a water bottle, they have ice-water every other hole and you will want lots, it is very hot. The buildings are all nice, it is really personal preference where you would like to be, we have never had any trouble getting a ride to the course, or to the resort. They will put you with another 2-some, but we have met great people who live there.

I read some reviews of this resort, and some were quite disappointed in the service saying it was very Spanish and no one spoke english. As well that most of the clientelle is spanish mostly from Columbia? Has anyone else felt that? Just curious as I have never had a problem at any other resorts and happy to do my best to communicate in my broken spanish/french/english garble. But have never been to Panama.


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