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Hi Sandraf,Just want to wish you good luck for your wedding day & hope you have a fantastic time.Wishing you both all the happiness & love on your day & future togetherHayley
LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of good wishes being sent your way! I wish you the most perfect wedding day ever, may it be more then you could of ever dreamed of! Enjoy every minute of your time in Cuba, your going to love it and have the time of your life. You know I (we, the board) will anxiously be awaiting a review and PICTURES when you return so dont keep us waiting too too long! ;D
Very best wishes for your wedding day Sandraf, I know you will have a wonderful day, cherish every moment!
Best wishes for your big day – look forward to seeing some photos on your return!
It’s been a long time coming Good luck my dear and best wishes to Corey and yourself for a wonderful wedding and vacation.Talk to you when you get back !
aawwww…thanks so much guys are so sweet thanks so much to everyone who has helped me out in anyway. I’ve learned a lot through these boards and I hope to be able to help someone else when I get back. Hsummer, In case i’m not on these boards as much as I would like when I get back I hope you have a wonderful wedding are going to look beautiful in your dress…I hope to see some pics ;D I will post pics and a wedding review when I get back. See you guys when we get back!! ;D
Thanks Sandranf!Have an amazing time. Doesnt seem to be many Cuba B2Bs who post on here left but hopefully we can impart our advice & knowledge to a new wave of Cuba B2Bs.Looking forward to your pics & seeing your first post on here as a MRS!!!Enjoy your day

Hayley xxx

Hi everyone,Well, DH and I arrived back home in NL on Monday morning to 12 degrees and rain…quite a bit of a difference to the 35 degrees we were used to at the resort. To all the girls getting married at the Iberostar in Cuba—YOU’RE GONNA LOVE IT !!!!!!!!The resort is fantastic and so was the wedding. I will post pics in the morning(none on this computer). Everything went so smooth and wonderfully. If anyone has any questions feel free to PM me with them. I love being a Mrs.
Welcome back! Congratulations. I can’t wait to see your pictures. Cheers to you.


Welcome back Mrs. Downey !!
And I’ve been lucky enough to see some of the pics 😉 Absolutely stunning, gotta love that beach too ~~

Welcome back!!!Congratulations on your marriage! So pleased you had a fantastic day & time in Cuba! Looking forward to seeing your piccies!

Love Hayley xxx

Thanks everyone,So first off all the pics were taken by the resort photograher (who doesn’t speak very much english but can get her point across)Me on the beach

DH in the gazebo

Having our first dance in the gazebo with the trio playing in the background

Us in the lobby by the fountain

Us by pool gazebo

Us on the beach

Just married

Sandranf,WOW!!!! Your pictures are beautiful & you look absolutely stunning & your husband looks handsome. You both look so happy! Congratulations once again to you both!


BEAUTIFUL pics, congrat Mrs! All your pics look fabulous! I am so pleased to hear you were thrilled with everything, as I knew you would be!

Enjoy your happily ever after!

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