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Just booked for Jan 28 to Feb 4. In reading reviews I get mixed emotions. Anybody with any and all info would be appreciated.

from what I noticed in the reviews, it seems like alot of the negative ones were earlier on. There are always going to be some bad ones, but it seems like things are working better there now.My TA was there in August, and said that there was nothing to be worried or concerned about.

Keep in mind, nothing will be perfect and it has alot to do with how you treat the experience/situation that arises…..

We were there last April and loved it. Food was great, line up early for the Jerk chicken. Just kick back and enjoy, first resort we would return to. Cheers

Good to hear that u would return. Was talking to someone on the Dominican board here and they stayed at this resort and then they Bahia in Punta Cana and like the Jamaican location better. And I know the Bahia in Punta Cana is nice as I have stayed there twice… really looking forward to this trip!….
Just got bac from the Travel show in Halifax…I sat in on a presentation about this resort…it looked and sounded amazing!!!There was a cople sitting behind me…and they had lots of crazy good stuff to say about the "Runaway"

Definately peaked my interest for next year.

Hey sugarwayne,Glad to hear that it looked good. I am attending a travel show in Moncton this week, but there isn’t anything about this resort though.

That being said, I know the Bahia chain is great so I am pretty comfortable with my decision. I will be posting a through review when I get back for sure!

One thing to consider with the early bad reviews is that they had a water supply problem for about a week that basically meant a lot of pissed off people.I went last year the week after this and had a great time. Nice resort – humongous pool!
Resort was amazing…….nothing to worry about all. Food, water, drinks, maids, staff, bars, pool, beach, etc were great.Would go back there in a flash!

The weather on the hand was disapointing…..

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