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It’s a nice and refreshing mountain top rock view from this hotel; I had major amazing time here with the excursions and activities planned out for their guests. The first best part is that while driving to this place, you get to see amazing views along the way so that was super fun for me. Located on the mountain top of Sierra Maestra with an elevation of about 1250 meters, it was pretty amazing. The climate up there is cool and the view was extraordinary for me. The cabins here are great, clean and spacious, the temperature is usually cool, I don’t know if it’s just me. The local foods here were very delicious and the services by the staff were great. There are several bungalows here for a good price and it was amazing because some all inclusive hotels can’t even offer the kind of services and atmosphere that this place offers. The staff here was always smiling and helpful for the duration of my stay at this beautiful villa. Dinner at the restaurant was great but was crowded by customers so it wasn’t all that great for me but asides that, every other thing here was great. Accommodation here is very comfortable, the buildings don’t look new but okay and the grounds are all well maintained. I recommend it to anybody looking for high quality, not luxurious, low budget, fun filled and nature loving vacation. It was an amazing experience for me and I will certainly be back here again.

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