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Hola all,We’ve travelled to Mexico many times, often staying in the Riu complex in playacar. Looking to try out the Grand Palladium complex. A few questions:1. How long is the beach? We like to walk and walk and walk on the beach…can we got at least 1 hour one way?2. What type of beer is stocked in the mini bar?3. Any suggestions about which of the 5 resorts that make up the Palladium would best suit our needs (beach!)

Any other info is of course welcome


Hi Terry
I am also very interested in the Palladium complex….White Sands specifically!! Have you got any info….good or bad that you could share with me as well?

I personally stay at the Kentenah section. It has the nicest beach. White Sands is too far from the nice section of beach for me. Many people love that section.

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