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some say it’s a great place some say stay away. any one stay there lately? can you use the tap water for brushing teeth, in Cuba we could but in the DR we could not.

We take out guests daily on tours from the Grand Papagayo and over all people seem happy. Yes, you can drink the water, it comes from deep wells in Playa Panama. I hope to post a virtual tour on the property soon along with the Hilton.

anyone else been to the Grand lately? has anyone styed in the Royal Club Luxury rooms?

just returned from the Grand. Great time, CR is beautiful. Beaches are not white/sandy pristine but are volcanic, black sand in places, with long walks on the lava rocks, very different. Grand is nice but not the 4 1/2 or 5 it is advertised to be. Needs updating, especially the furniture in the common areas and around the pool. Food ok, not bad not great. A la cartes are good but the evening buffet is awful. The Royal Club service was worth the extra we paid for. Gave us priority bookings for the a la carts, top shelf liquour in the club lounge and private dinner party for our group. overall a great time but Grand is over priced for what you get. Hope they fix it up soon,as the property is beautiful.

There is a new Hacienda del Mar Welcome Centre on the way to the Grand Papagayo and the Papagayo Hilton just before the junction at the beach. They have brochures on numerous tour companies, Playa Coco & Playa Hermosa maps, restaurant information, wedding planning contacts, medical facilities, water sport activities, rental agencies and Church locations in the area……all free…. etc…….. Josta Loppe is the coordinator there.

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