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I’m doing research into this resort and haven’t really seen much feedback on it. We are thinking of going in January 2007. Has anyone been? I heard horror stories of the roads going from the airport in Liberia to the resorts and that you should quadrouple your travel time??? My husband likes to go to casino. Is there one in the proximity? Any feedback is much apprecitated.

Hi needavacation and welcome to Debbie’s forums!There is still a bit of confusion between the Allegro Papagayo and Grand Papagayo resorts since both are Occidental resorts and a lot of people get them mixed up when posting their resort reviews so read carefully. They are two different resorts across the bay from one another. When we stayed at the Allegro, both resorts shared the private beach club which was accessed by a boat shuttle. I believe the Grand Papagayo used to be called the Costa Smeralda before the extensive renovations.Not sure of casino locations in the area since we don’t seek out this activity. For other activities and excursions available, you might want to look at this website. I have no hesitation in recommending tours offered by this company based on our personal experiences.

We didn’t have any issues with the roads from the airport in Liberia to the resort and found the travel times to be close to what the brochure stated. However, when a bus is carrying vacationers from the airport and has stops at several resorts along the way, the travel time does increase and sometimes substantially.

Thanks for the encouraging news and website link! I’ll be sure to do some more research! I thought that some people might get the two mixed up with the names being so similar. You mentioned them being across the bay from each other. Is the set up something similar to a ‘hotel strip’ having several resorts along the same coast like in Punta Cana or Varadero? It’s so hard to tell from a brochure. Either way I think we’d be fine. I just want somewhere to relax, go on a some eco tours and enjoy quality time away from the hustle and bustle of life in Toronto. Thanks for responding.

Hi need a vacation,We have never stayed at the Grand Papagayo, but I have heard that it is a bit nicer than the Allegro Papagayo. We have stayed at the Allegro Papagayo and it has it’s pros & cons, depending out what every individual wants. Nice grounds, bars, food, drinks, entertainment. It has a black sand beach which some people like some people don’t, they have a shuttle to a white sand beach as well, no Casino, the Allegro Papagayo is isolated & it takes a 30 minute taxi to get to any towns, again good for some and bad for others. Rooms at the Allegro are just average as well. I’ve heard good things about the Grand Papagayo & it’s closer to some towns where there are some casinos Playa del Coco & Playa Hermosa.For Eco Tours, I agree 100% with YVRick, Ricardo Vargas or Michael Mills from Papagayo/Vargas Tours do a fabulous job with Eco tours, Private & personal tours with very knowledgeable guides, I can’t say enough about these guys. You won’t be dissappointed with them. You don’t even have to pay them until they pick you up, so you don’t have to worry about them showing up.Costa Rica is a fabulous place, definately do some tours & see some of the country, can’t wait to go back there. Have Fun.


Excellent! I think this is the place for us! I’ll be sure to check out the eco tours you have recommended. I think my husband will be ok going to the Casino ONCE whicle we’re there. It’s not a priority for me but he likes to play slots. I’m more interested in hiking, swimming, relaxing and reading a book. Great News! Thanks!

Let me add my support for Richardo and Michael as well…. they and their staff are truly wonderful people, who will go out of their way to make sure that your tour is the best it can possibly be.

Hey neadavacation,Have a look at the reviews for the Grand Papagayo in Debbies Carribean Resort reviews, almost all of them enjoyed the Grand Papagayo immensly!!


Hi all,We did indeed stay at the Grand this past March. It was beautiful and super clean and friendly. The activity guys in the pool cracked us up on a daily basis. Our only complaint was the food which was pretty average and boring at the buffet. A la cartes were good but booking them was a pain as you had to line up at 8 am the day you wanted to go. The best food we had was on the tours we did with Vargas. We’re thinking about going back to CR (if we can’t figure out something in Nicaragua) but I think we’ll try the Allegro as I’m not sure the Grand is worth the extra $$.Let me know if you want more info about anything specific.


The Grand would be my first choice, better beach, smaller hotel, less people.
The road has finally been paved from the Do It Centre to the hotels in the Papagayo area. It cuts 15 minutes off time to and from the airport and is well maintained.

Thanks for the updates! I’ll mention the benefits to my husband. The road finally getting paved is great news! I heard they were not so hot before. I did notice the price difference and wasn’t sure if it was worth it but I guess the category being ‘grand’ has something to do with it. My husband doesn’t like to go with any other tour operator than Air Canada Vacations so we’re kind of limited with what we can choose.

Time will tell though……

Anyone going to grand papagayo in feb 2008? Were there feb 10-17 flying from minneapolis with continental. any comments would be appreciated!!

We stayed at the Fiesta Premier last Feb and liked it much better than the Grand Papagayo. It had its own casino right there too although it wasn’t that big and it was hardly a hotspot as we were the only ones in there the couple of times we went. We would definitely go back to that resort but the casino is not one of it’s highlights unless you’re just into the slots.
I know that this resort was sold around the time that we were there last year so I’m not sure what kind of changes have happened, if any.

There is a great little restaurant that has just opened down the road from the Grand Papagayo. Bambu is only a five minute walk down the boulevard where you see families of pesotas crossing the road and howler monkeys in the trees. A nice restaurant for fantastic martinis and a break from resort food. Right next to the restaurant Ricardo and I are opening a Vargas Tours office in January 2008. Lupita and Josta will be there daily greeting guests and answering questions. Next year there will be a large casino directly across the road from us with another 5 hotels planned in this area.

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