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Hi allStill planing a trip down south end of May. Looking at a few spots and need help deciding. Found Grand Pineapple Beach in Long Bay, Antigua and have read mixed reviews, mostly good,Can anyone tell me what the weather is normally like in May, particularly the rain?Is there good snorkeling and scuba in Long Bay?What kind of power outlets, American or European?Are there any worth while excursions?That’s all for now but I’m sure there will be more. Thanks


……What kind of power outlets, American or European?


My understanding is that the plugs are North American two pin type plugs. Unfortunately, the vast majority are 230 volt so you’ll toast any 110-120 volt device that you plug in without a converter. Some hotels provide 110-120 volt outlets. The bad news here is that it’s the same physical connector so you are depending on labeling or their word ….

Anything that’s dual voltage (most camera/phone chargers and laptop power supplies – check the label) will be ok. Anything else, be very careful.

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