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Hopefully we will be returning to Panama and that could be the time frame we could be going in. But we will be staying at another resort. Where are you flying out of?
Out of Toronto…… get the package deals.Have any of you ever been to Panama?
No but we would like to find out more about the day trips and so on we all like the heat and sun
Regardless of what you do – you have to see the ‘canal’. You don’t necessarily have to go on a escorted tour. You could always arrange your own private van to take you. Negotiate a price before hand though. BTW – how long are you going for?


BTW – by the way I am sure you realize that the resort is quite a distance from the airport, so I would say knock two days from your vacation as travel days. If you love the sun and heat and hope to soak up as much as possible, then select your tours very carefully. Some of them can eat up most of the day. Bebbie
there are 11 or 12 going do you know any prices of some of the tours how many times have you been there.We always go to Cuba

but thought it was time for a change.

TC:We have been there twice. (Sorry we didn’t go this year. :() We are considering going back to Panama next year as I mentioned.I hope you have been made aware that you won’t find the pristine water or white beach in Panama like you see in Cuba. A vast difference. Give me a couple of days and I will get some prices to you from when we went in January 2005. Bearing in mind of course that the prices could of gone up. (I have to find the stuff.)


I have been told about sting rays do you know anything about them

At our briefing at the resort the first time (Jan 2004) we were told about them. We were informed when we enter the water to shuffle our feet when walking in.Nothing was mentioned the last trip. Perhaps it depends on the weather or water conditions. I don’t really know. And I don’t know of anyone who encountered any. I always wear beach/water shoes anyways. Especially since we have been travelling to Central America for the last few years and you can’t see in the water. Bebbie

my husband and all the other guys going want to know is there toppless ladies there lol

hey Bebbie how do you get the counter to attach to your page

Ha ha, MEN!! I don’t really know if it would be allowed on the resort, but who knows on the beach what you will see. Wish my husband was home so I could ask him. I am sure he would remember!Bebbie
You may see a few but it is not a majority. I think in my 6 visits to Decameron (the resort next to Playa Blanca), I have seen a total of about 10 women topless on the beach. (And a few men in thongs.)


TC:I sent you a personal message in regards to the counter.


Oh Veronica, don’t remind of the men in thongs.

I don’t think I saw one man that should of been in one.

lol lol i know what you mean you see that all the time in cuba

thank you for all the info i will be back to look in the am

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