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I know a lot of you have been to the Royal Decameron but has anyone out there been to Playa Blanca and if so what did you think of it. Any photos or info would be appreciated.Thanks

We were at the Playa Blanca in March. It was our first AI experience and it was a great one. The staff were friendly (although the front desk staff could use improvement) the waiters and bartenders and others were great. Take a cab (ask for Enrique) to take you to Penonome for shopping. Other than being so far away from city and tours – i have nothing bad to say. It was a great experience and it has us hooked on AI travel. We are now in the process of planning our next trip. Don’t take travelers cheques – nobody accepts them and you have to go the the National Bank of Panama to get them cashed and it is a pain. I say thumbs up to the Playa Blanca.

Thanks for the info. I found someone in my neck of the woods with a lot of info and photos. The only drawback is the airline that offers PB seems to be a small one and has to sometimes make an extra landing to refuel. That to me is not so good a I have a lot of ear problems so if I go I might have to go to the Decameron is uses a diferent tour company and air line.

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