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Hello,I am trying to decide between these 3 resort. I was leaning toward Gamboa as my husband and I are nature nuts and love the rainforest, however, there is a signficant ($500+) cost savings if we go with the Grand Playa Blanca; anyone whose been to these resorts, if you could tell me the pros/cons of each, I’d appreciate it. Do you think that Gamboa or Decameron is worth $500 more than Grand Playa Blanca?Thanks!
Oops, I just saw this post after I responded to your other one so I now know that you haven’t made up your mind yet. We enjoyed the Decameron very much. We spent 10 days there and 4 days at the Gamboa.

The Decameron is a full two hours ride from the airport in Panama City. It has a wonderful staff! However, once there, you can go on a few wonderful excursions into the countryside. The Gamboa offers a delightful stay in the rainforest, is close enough to see Panama City and visit the Embera Indians, and is a short drive to the airport.

I would opt for the Gamboa and visit the other places from there….


I have only been to Decameron so I can’t really compare the resorts but I do know that the Decameron is lot larger than Gran Playa Blanca. Due to the size of Decameron, it can be very busy depending on the time of year. Both Decameron and Gran Playa Blanca are about 2 hrs from Panama City. I don’t know if it would be worth the extra $500 to stay at Decameron since other than size, from what I have read the resorts are similar.V.

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