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Grand Sirenis Mayan Beach  

Carretera Federal Cancun-Tulum, Zona Costera, Km. 256.3, 77710, Mexico

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Very dangerous stuff is happening at this resort … We arrived late evening Feb 3 2014. This happened around 2:00 pm. Feb 4/2014 … we decided to go and wait in the sun at the " Xaac" wet bar R on the map, one of the gentleman in the golf carts drove us there to wait until our room was ready which wouldn’t be for an hour or two… as we were changing rooms that day … we went in the water and went to the pool bar to get a drink, then went to sit on the ceramic loungers in the middle of the pool and we started talking to another couple … I spilled half my first drink while we were sitting and talking so my friend went and got us another drink all within a 30 minutes maximum time frame .. we both blacked out at the same time,, our memories end at the same time .. everything started to fade away and my last memories are coming out of the pool and .. . and all I have is a flash of looking down at my friend out cold at the side of the pool and some other people around her … and then we have no memory of anything from that point on until 12 hours later … it was a trip from hell without going into more detail. This has effected us emotionally and mentally. To anyone that experienced something unusual like this … please report this … keep your family safe.. something evil is going on over there. I finally finished being embarrassed and feeling humiliated by what happened to us , that I am passed it now and I am very, very angry and I want to warn everyone that this can happen to you too …

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