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After spending a week at the grand sunset princess hotel, I realized that dreams can actually come true, this is a wonderful resort that I am glad I came to. The resort is beautiful, everything about the resort was top notch right from the receptionist to the food and services here, it was an amazing experience for me. The resort grounds are clean and the staff work round the clock to make the place is spotless at all times of the day, it is very impressive. The rooms in this resort are all clean, the room i stayed in was clean and cleaned out daily, there is a refrigerator in the room that was always stocked full and restocked as it is used. The beds in the rooms are comfortable at least I am thinking that the same bed I have in mine is what others have in theirs; it is very soft with very clean bed sheets. The a la carte restaurants here are great, I enjoyed them so much, the food here is delicious and the service at the restaurants impeccable, I couldn’t have asked for a better hotel to spend my holiday in. Moving on to the staff at the resort, they are very attentive to the needs of the customers, always running around just to make sure that every customer is attended to, it was very impressive and I appreciate the effort. The beach is beautiful but also very rocky so I stayed off it during my stay.

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