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My cousin and I will be at the Grand Wyndham Playa in March, 2014. Has anyone been there? What’s it like. How’s the water for swimming? What did you like best or least? Is there anything¬†we should know before arriving. Thank you.

Hello gypsygd first I want to say welcome to Debbie’s Caribbean Resort Reviews Forums. Secondly about Grand Wyndham Playa Blanca. I stayed there couple of times I believe 2008 and 2009 and it was very nice. Modern rooms and newer hotel. Water for swimming is very very warm but most people were mostly around swimming pool. I like to swim in the ocean and i liked that I always had chairs and palapa available for myself. What I find weird about this Playa Blanca is that beach actually change colors. Sometimes is more "white" sometimes more "gray". I have been told that it depends on the ocean and river Farllon that mixes with ocean water and sometimes push gray sand so beach is sometimes darker. I would say that you will have very warm weather and you should protect your skin and have hats all the time. I loved going to Panama city and if you like to shopping they have great mall close to Panama city called Albrook mall. So you should visit Panama city. If you get a chance to go on Jungle tour that would be nice experience as well. Playa Blanca resort is pretty big and I liked that I could see tourist from south America and other parts of the world. I never had issues with any crime and Panama is one of the countries where you will not see anyone on the street begging for money.

And I wanted to add that next door resort had disco club so we would got there at night to dance and have fun. Just to mention that in a case you like to go dancing but entertainment in your hotel should let you know if somewhere else is better for dancing as things change.

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