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Not a typical ‘Caribbean’ question, but I wasn’t sure where else to put it. I’ve never taken Gravol before on a trip, but as our flight leaves in the middle of the night, I was hoping to catch some sleep by taking a Gravol.

Now I’m not sure if I can bring a container in my carry on and if it’s a problem that it has been opened already?

I’ve taken Gravol onto planes with no issues. Any over the counter pills that I take down go into my carry on. To cut down on bulk, I remove the bubble packs from the boxes and take only them. I cut the instructions for dosage off the package and tape it to the bubble pack and then place all the little packs into a zip lock bag.

I usually just toss a package in my shirt pocket, so I can’t see having them in your carry on would create any problems. Also, most airports have them available over the counter after you have gone through the security check, so it could be no problem at all…..sleep tight.

Jake, eh

It all depends on what you wash the Gravol down with traveljunky :D, of course you do want to be able to navigate on your own at the end of your flight Jake, eh

I figure that, Jake. We probably hit the airport bar first, as our flight doesn’t leave until 00:20 in the morning…..Thanks for the tip!

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