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toronjohn Guest It appears, ( after reading some of the responses here ) that all one needs to say is "Cuba", or "Gift"… and all commercial posting are open.. and all posters are / will be treated fairly and equal.Kewl.Here’s my offering… just in time for Christmas in CubaAnyone thinking about a great Gift to give someone in CUBA….

Give the Gift… that’ll have them wiping tears from their eyes….And it’s great that it’s online… that way.. the people in Cuba can pick out the gift they want… I know it takes away the surprise aspect… but hey…. a gift is a gift…Glad we’re able to post these Gift buying sites…I know I can find more…. thanks for the opportunity to inform….john

Thanks for that link! Many Cubans drive old american cars and find it almost impossible to get replacement parts.Sure wish you were participating here a couple of years ago when I was looking for a set of glow plugs for a Cuban friend’s Jeep with a 1957 european made motor in it. With the assistance and extreme generosity of a couple of forum members, we were able to acquire the necessary parts and get them to the recipient in Cuba.

This forum is all about being helpful and sharing information with others. I don’t own shares in the shoe company I mentioned, so I hope you don’t own any shares in the auto parts company in your link

BTW, thanks for starting your own thread toronjohn.

I hate it when someone steps on my new blue suede shoes. ;D

I’ve taken spark plugs a few times to Cuban friends who have cars.

Here’s a thread from another forum which discusses what’s needed;

"If you want to make some people really happy, pick up some ignition points, condensers, distributor caps and rotors. Those are still relatively cheap (though more than spark plugs), and (old) cars won’t run without them. You can fit a whole fleet’s worth of those into a carry-on bag."

Someone on the forum was posting about taking old tractor parts occasionally.

martian Guest I’m a bit of a piston-head, but bike orientated, not automobiles. All parts, no matter what they are, are appreciated.

John, you need to relax, buddy…

ac Guest John, you need to relax, buddy…
toronjohn, you give GREAT Cuba information… and I love the in-depth info’ you provide, including info’ you have brought from other sites. OTOH, I have to agree with martian…"you need to relax buddy"
Life is "way too short to sweat the small stuff" and from my experience, life is just way too short to sweat anything

[glow=red,2,300]Happy Cuba Dreaming…AC :-*[/glow]

ac Guest Hey John… Love that gift idea! :D. although El Commandante (or his brother) might disagree ;D
BTW, I’m happy to see that you’re ‘chillaxin’

[glow=red,2,300]Happy Cuba Dreaming….AC :-*[/glow]

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